'Friends reunion would be fun!'

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  1. Jen Aniston said that she would like to reprise her role as Rachel Green in a reunion show of 'Friends' (totally agree!!!:yahoo:). 'The only thing I can think of doing is maybe for fun doing a Thanksgiving episode', she said in a TV interview that was set to air Monday on Channel 4. 'Our Thanksgiving episodes were really fun'. :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Source: absolutely.net
  2. She looks good there in that second picture!
  3. yay, i'll be really happy if they actually do a "friends reunion"
  4. oooh... that would be AWESOME!!! i love her, and in fact we share the same BIRTH DATE :P
    i just had a friends marathon dvd these last few days. trying to catch up again the earlier years...
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