Friends making you feel bad?

  1. Hey guys. Just curious if anyone else is in this kind of situation. I don't make a ton of money (I scoop ice cream right now for a living... hey I'm in college!) but I know how to budget my money. So when I'm done paying for my car and cell phone every month I can spend what I have left. In the past few months I bought a speedy 30, porte valeurs organizer and mono cles. I have this friend who works this great office job but doesn't know how to take care of her money at all. She always has to make comments about my LV's. Like the other night we were at the movies and i had my bag on the arm and my wallet in my hand after we got our tickets and shes like wow it must be nice to be decked out in LV. Comments like that all the time. It's just annoying because I know that if she were more responsible (like not spending 200 dollars a week on going out to bars and smoking pot every night) she could easily afford one. I'm trying to hold back but I just want to scream at her for being so irresponsible and stop taking it out on me. Am I right in being a little annoyed by this? :confused1:
  2. I think you are totally right. You have worked hard and budgeted and earned your LV!
  3. I would reconsider using the word friend when referring to her.
  4. Hi Nicole, Just came across your post & had to reply, hope you don't mind what I say. You sound like a very sensible girl who has her priorities right. Well done on being able to budget & buy some lovely items which you will always have. Your friend is absolutely the idiot wasting her money on booze & dope. However, one thing that strikes me is that you should reconsider her as a friend, a true friend would be happy that you got something nice, she sounds like an irresponsible jealous cow & I think you should reconsider the friendship & get someone a lot more positive in your life! You canot change the way she is but you can dictate if you will continue to take this abuse from her.
  5. I think you are right....anyone can afford LV if they want to, they just need to save and budget their money wisely. :yes:
  6. U are right.. But try to ignore the remarks. U earned it and u deserve it! It's better to put your money into a LV that will last then some crazy partying all the time. Don't let it get to you! Enjoy your beautiful LV and laugh at the remarks. Say something next time like "It's good to be me :smile:"
  7. I feel your pain. You deserve to spoil yourself every once in a while, so it is hurtful when your friends are critical about it. Mine say stuff like that sometimes and I wonder why can't they cannot mind their own business. Work hard and shop hard, is my motto!
  8. Thanks guys. I know it sounds like this girl is horrible but she really is a good friend when it comes to everything else. She just doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut. I've known this for a while (since kindergarden actually) so I usually tolerate it because she means well, but considering I'm PMSing maybe it's just getting to me more this week lol. Thanks for reassuring me that I'm not being irrational though.
  9. I would smile and say, "yeah, it took some savings....but I love it, so it's worth it :smile:"
  10. ^^^totally agree. it gets your point across that you *saved* for it and you deserve it. rock what you got, you earned it!
  11. I agree with twinkle.tink, just reinfornce that it was your choice and you made the steps to make it happen. WTG for saving so well :biggrin:
  12. im the same way! i would say something. i mean shes your friend so its not like she'll be mad if you say something. i always stick up for myself and ppl tell me its stupid to buy LV and stuff all the time. whatever i dont frink really or do any drugs at all so i have more money than my friends to spend...but they all technically have more money than me...they just waste it where as i "invest" it. aside from bills i dont have anything else i neeeeed to spend my money gonna treat myself while i can as im sure when i get older i will wanna start spending my money on other things (i mean starting a family older)
  13. First, I'd like to say....what a COOL college job!!!!! I mean it, at least it's different and ice cream is sooooo good!!

    Secondly, your friend is jealous. And, if you really do consider her your friend....then you SHOULD have said (friendly-like), well, if you spent a little less money on bars and pot then you could have one too! Would you like me to help you start a budget????
  14. Ditto! I also think she's just jealous!
  15. What you spend your money on is your business and nobody else's. Sometimes people think they have a say on it and this just bugs me. I've had alot of friends who've given their two cents on almost everything I own. DH and I have avoided them because of this. Who needs negative people around anyway?....;)