Friends Judging your LV

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  1. #1 Mar 8, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2014
    Last night my SO and I headed to dinner which happens to be next door to the shop where one of my best friends works. I saw her car in the parking lot so we stopped in. I happened to be carrying my latest pre-loved score from the bay. I set my speedy on the table, and I sat down to talk to her. We all start talking, and a few minutes into the conversation, out of no where, she tears into my bag. "Oh, a Louis Vuitton purse. You just bought that bag because you wanted to have stupid LV's all over your bag. It's nothing but plastic. It's not even leather." I said "The handles are leather." She retorts with "ohhhh, ya those little handles are leather..." Then tells the story how one of her co workers who has a rich husband (she works 8 hours a week just to keep busy) decided to buy herself a LV, went to the store, decided on one and then found out how much it cost, set it down and walked out. I said "I like it, I got it for an amazing price on ebay, do you want me to get you one too?"
    She says she would never wear a LV. Then turns to me with an insincere half smile and says "Oh, you bought a new purse, I'm so happy for you."

    Grrr, this just burns me up because she then turns and asks my SO a favor (his professional help). Really? Now if our mutual friend (we will call her S) had bought it at a thrift shop for the same amount it would have been the bag of the century! Ug....And if her co-worker had bought the purse, LV would have been A-OK fro that point on. Grrrrrr I know her too well.

    I've been just reeling over this since last night. I told my SO how I feel and now he doesn't want to help her because she was being so rude. She's a great friend, this is in no way a deal breaker, and I just needed to vent to folks who like LV as much as I do. Thanks for reading.
  2. It's difficult when people act this way. You just have to realize that not everyone can appreciate a good bag! She was rude though...a little envious maybe? My sisters are actually like that. IMO it's one thing to be indifferent about designer stuff, it's another to have such an intense reaction to seeing it! She doesn't have to like it, carry it, or comment on it. I would let it go..if it happens again then I would have a talk with her.
  3. Sorry your friend was unkind to you. Sometimes friends don't know what to say, and try to make a joke of it. If you really like her for other qualities just let it go and enjoy her friendship. :smile:
  4. Her comment was downright rude....and she's a friend? I think she's jealous of your beautiful bag.
  5. Wow usually if you don't like anything you don't say anything.sounds like she's jealous and she needs to convince HERSELF the bag isn't worth it.

    But if she's a good friend next time she goes on one of her rants just say "thank you,I love my bag too"
    Should make her realize she's not being very friendly.

    I have friends like this,I just disarm them with that they say nothing about my designer goods lol!
  6. Sorry she is no friend a true friend love's what make's you happy hope you feel me . And enjoy your bag LV is so classy and chic how could anyone hate on it is crazy to me chop it up to being jelly.
  7. She sounds like my Sister... Soooooooo JEALOUS!!! lol
  8. LOL!!! I can sooooo relate!!!:smile:

  9. +1

    Definitely sounds like she's trying to convince herself she doesn't like it. I have friends who are similar to that or ask how I could spend so much money on a bag...Their loss ;)
  10. So sorry for your friend's rudeness. Definitely sounds like she's envious. I have a few friends that don't get how I can spend so much money on bags. Even a couple times asking me if they're real. Some people just don't get it. I wouldn't think too much into.
  11. It's really hard to take when this happens. I have an rather outspoken friend who knows very well that I carry LV but doesn't "approve" either. One time she started in on making fun of a Reece W. movie where she was "dragging" her LV luggage all over the place like it was a bad thing. For a time, I would switch bags before we got together. Ridiculous I decided, it's her problem, not mine. Over the years I have learned to let it go. People are always going to have an opinion.
  12. I don't understand the particular enmity that LV elicits. I never gotten more glares and comments than when I was carrying LV.
  13. U should tell her how you feel if she is a great friend, it is her rude attitude and judge what do you carry that make u feel sad, she doesn't need to like your LV but she needs to know she hurts you because of her rudeness.
  14. Another thing I just don't understand, why so much hate towards LV? Coach and MK and many other designers have bags with logos all over them as well. I don't see nearly as much negativity towards those brands. Guessing because so many people associate LV with the "1 percenters" which gets so much negative media attention. Reality is there are lots of people carrying LV bags that had to work and save and should be able to carry them with pride, not embarrassment!
  15. You were very nice to stop in to say hi to your friend, very thoughtful. Her thinking the bag is not worth the cost, disliking the Monogram and rather she'd ever wear LV or not was no reason for her to be rude to you. I could understand if you were rubbing it in her face but it doesn't even sound like you asked for her opinion. I'm so sorry that you felt the need to justify your purchase and I'd let her know that she upset you. She doesn't have to 'get it' but she does need to be respectful. I'm sorry OP.