Friend's House Struck by Lightning...How Scary

  1. WOW...hubby just called me...thunder & lightning woke me up this morning at 5 AM...crawled back to bed at 6...commented to hubby 'how pretty is all that lightning' (I love thunder & lightning storms).

    Anyhow..he calls me to tell me that friends of ours had their house hit by lightning. Blew off the chimney and burned down the entire upstairs level. Fortunately, they & their animals are all OK...but they don't have anywhere to live now!

    This is the friend you've heard me all rant about I feel bad now! Poor guy! And yes, I offered up our house...but I think they have family around here somewhere.

    Anyone else ever had their house hit before?
  2. Wow, glad to hear they are okay! I've had lightening strike outside my parents house in the backyard. It shook and the lit the whole house..very scary. Luckily, it just scared us senseless..nothing more.
  3. Yep, we've been hit - THREE times! First two times were relatively minor but the 3rd time was a doozy. Was 3 years ago.

    We were gone for the weekend and when we came back home, I noticed that there was something that looked like milk all over hubby's desk. We found out later that is where it came into the house. I don't understand how it all works, but we were told we were VERY VERY lucky we weren't home! It hit on a Friday night and we returned Monday night.

    It took out EVERY item that was plugged into an outlet. From phones to kitchen appliances to clocks, sewing machines, TV's, stereos - everything. We literally had to throw away everything that had been plugged in! Our insurance company hired someone to take most of it because it involved refrigerators, freezers and many other large items. Even a treadmill. Lamps. Water softener. Satellite TV. Satellite internet. Washer & dryer... it was literally everything.

    I lost all the food in the fridge and deep freeze.

    Insurance replaced much of it, but it also cost us a TON of $$$$. It was a nightmare. We had to have someone check out all our wiring...

    Six months after the strike, we finally had everything settled. The insurance company told us it was their largest claim to date ever for a lightning strike.

    Anybody who is hit by lightning has my upmost sympathy!! It's a nightmare come true. I am just thankful we were not home at the time.

    twiggers - am glad your friends are OK!!!!!
  4. Yes! We were hit & I have to tell you, it was the scariest thing in my life ever! It was storming & we were all asleep (about 12:30pm) Well trying to sleep anyway, lots of cracking thunder & lightening. When all of a sudden I heard the loudest "CRACK" of lightening & the house just shook. The house alarm went off, all the lights started flashing on & off, the TV's came on & went fuzzy, the computers were making this buzzing sound. Complete armageddon! My DH says I screamed but it all happened in such a split second, I don't even remember screaming. My kids were at the other end of the hall sceaming in complete terror..

    First thing I did was turn off the alarm & ran to get my kids. We went outside with our spotlight to try & see where it had hit & make sure the house wasn't on fire. Luckily, it was still raining hard, so no fire but we couldn't see where the damage was. The next morning, we went back outside & right over our garage, on the upstairs dormer (sp?) i.e... the window that protrudes out on your upstairs level... the whole corner was blown off. This was over by my kids rooms too:wtf: All the wood was split directly into & our soffets & trim were just hanging off. We also walked through the enterior of the house to check our electrical. It fried 3 TV's, a computer, our fax machine & all the thermostats for our heated floors.

    Luckily, I have the world's greatest builder & even though our house was 2 years past warranty (& he had no obligation to help us at all..) he sent out a crew of guys that day to start repairs. Within 2 weeks we were back to normal.

    The next day, our neighbor called us to say that our strike had been so strong, the current must have somehow traveled to their house because they also had some electrical & stereo equipment that got fried!

    Wildflower, I know a gal who's house has been hit several times also.. They had some lightening rods installed & never had a problem since. Maybe it's something that might help you too~
  5. Wow! That is so scary! I'm glad they're not hurt!
  6. Lightening scares me, and now even more after reading this thread.

    A house down the block from me was struck by lightening. This was probably like 15 years ago but I remember it clearly. We had a big storm passing through and it was thundering and lightening like crazy. All of a sudden we heard the loudest crack. It was seriously the loudest sound I’ve ever heard. It scared the crap out of you once you heard it because it was just that loud, and even though lightening and thundering outside it took you by total surprise. My mom mentioned something had to have been hit for it to make a crack that loudly. Sure enough a few minutes later we heard fire trucks blasting down our street. How scary for them to go out in this storm. We didn’t go out to check out the scene, we figured maybe lightening had struck a tree or something. The next day it was obvious the house down the street has been struck. It pretty much blew the whole roof of their second story house.

    Now whenever there is lightening outside I get a little freaked out. I never want to hear that loud crack again, or worse get struck. Luckily we don’t have many lightening storms where I live now.

    Also this may sound silly but when there is thunder I am scared to look out the window. It reminds me of Jurassic Park and the T-Rex! I am scared to look out the window to see a huge eyeball looking back at me. :nuts:
  7. Our house has never been hit by lightening, but my professor's house was. He literally lost everything electrical in his house. Brand new TVs, Laptops, everything. His 2 chimneys were blown out, furnace, toilets exploded...It was bad. Basically, his house is gone. All windows were knocked out along with doors.

    I take care to unplug all expensive appliances during lightening storms...Especially our TVs and Computers!
  8. all of those stories a frightening me. our house hasnt been hit but a few years ago i was stuck in a really bad storm in universal studios in florida. we were all herded into buildings and the burger place i was in started to flood, a guy was stuck outside standing next to a flag pole and it got hit and sent him flying towards the doors of the burger place. we werent aloud back outside for about an hour
  9. Glad everyone in the house was OK! Not us but our friends up the street two years ago... lightening struck and some how ignited an electrical fire in the basement of the house. Everyone got out safely, but the entire house burned down. It was so sad. Especially since they just finished remodeling and a huge addition! But that is minor when you think about the loss of lives that could have occurred. Nature sure can be scary sometimes!
  10. Glad you are ok! wow i've never really thought about lightening hitting house and frying all the electrical appliances before.
  11. OH, I am glad you are OK!!! How terrifying.
    I live in a rural area, where we all have catchment water tanks (like doughboy pools, or corrugated steel ones), and many of us have propane tanks that are filled by the gas company every couple of months.

    A few years ago my friends YARD was struck by lightning. It dug a huge hole in her grass, and then traveled off three ways, one of which was straight to her watertank. We could see the "burrow" it burned through the grass. It traveled to her laundry line--up one side and down the other, across the grass ans straight to her house.

    Like many houses here, she is on "post and pier" meaning the house is raised off the ground. Her gas tank is (WAS) under the house. The lighting traveled through the grass to the tank, BLEW it up---luckily they are designed so that all the fittings blow off---and the force of that BLEW HER STOVE right into the dining room. She was home with a brand new baby, two days old!

    And by the time she made it downstairs her stove was a smoking mess about 15 feet from where it was installed, and fire was shooting out of the wall where the gas line was! Can you imagine!!!

    I have had trees struck, but so far, not lightning...but we get a raging storm a couple of times a year....YIPES!

    I think lightning rods are a pretty good idea!
  12. This happened to our good friends who live near Vienna. They were away on vacation and the lightening came down through the window in the kitchen and bounced off the stove in the kitchen. It fried the entire electrical system in the house and ignited a small fire. They had a lightening rod on the roof but the lightening came down sideways so there was nothing that could be done. Lucky for them they were gone when it happened but the entire first floor of their house was destroyed.
  13. Yea this is the entire second floor of their house is gone. Luckily they were just renting...but now they are going to live in an RV in the driveway until they figure out if the house if repairable (it's an old house). They can't even test their appliances because the water is leaking from the 2nd floor down onto the first floor.
    They said when the fireman came in the first thing they did was take everything in the first floor (sofas, TVs, etc.) and move it all into the middle of the room and throw a tarp over it. If they hadn't...the water from the fire hoses would've destroyed everything they owned.
    I feel so bad for them!!!!!
  14. wow. that is really scary! whenever i go to michigan, there is always a storm one night, and after, we drive around, and see homes that are completely demolished. its so sad.

    also, my GRANDMA was struck by lightning at age 78, and she LIVED!
    i think that is incredible.
  15. We HAD lightning rods installed after the 2nd hit! I guess it's not a guaranteed thing though... we now have all kinds of surge protectors in the house and I unplug many things until they need to be used now. Call me paranoid. :smile:

    Awhile back, our stove turned itself on and heated to 500 degrees for hours before we realized it. The 2nd time it did it, we unplugged it and bought a new one the next day.

    About 2 months ago, our microwave began turning on and running itself. We now have a new microwave!

    I always think something is wrong with the wiring after the strike but over and over our wiring has been shown to be perfect. Not sure what happened to those two appliances!

    I'm starting to think it's ghosts cooking ghost food. :p