Friends & Family Discount for Saks Fifth Ave????

  1. Hi,
    I lookin to get a Gucci handbag & wallet for my girlfriend. I was just wondering, is there any "Friends & Family" discount coming up???? Please help me out, because I'm breakin my bank for her already :sweatdrop:
  2. sorry, but the Saks f&f was a few weeks ago (maybe a month?).

    maybe open a Saks card to get 10% off, but i'm not sure if it includes all designers. perhaps you could opt to get her only the handbag, and hold off on the wallet for another occasion?
  3. Gucci stores are having a presale now and the sale will start on Dec 3rd. You can get more info on the Gucci section of the forum. Good luck~ It is a very generous gift!
  4. I've been shopping there for at lesat 8 years and I have never heard of an F&F at Saks...can anyone describe what it is and what items it applies to and if you need some kind of card????
  5. I wanna be your girl friend. Very nice gift. What a great friend!

  6. thanks for the info!!!!:tup:
  7. Back off girlie, he's mine ! :lol:
  8. hahaha...elegant doesnt that ruin the suprise now?? Good bf would never be sooo thoughtful.
  9. my friend's dad used to get the twice-yearly F&F discount because he worked at Saks for 30 years. I've only seen them use it in person, and it looked like a card? I didn't realize there was an actual discount code. If it is a code, I'd love it if someone could post one next time -- my friend used the discount a few years ago at the store to buy a chanel flap bag for 30% off; she paid a little over $900!
  10. you don't need any invite for friends and family. any sales associate will make you their "friend" if you are going to make a large purchase.
  11. ^^^

    typically f&f doesn't apply to premier designers though.