Friends & Family Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy

  1. Aug 3-5th, Old Navy, 20% everything, use code: S14T2T5DM45Z

    Aug 2-5th, Piperlime, 20% everything, use code: QFBQKN8SYQZY

    Aug 2-5th, GAP, 30% everything, use code:

    Aug3-5th, Banana Republic, 30% everything, use code:
  2. They must be one time use codes because I tried the gap and it says its been redeemed already.
  3. The codes are one time use only. I have a couple of postcards from the GAP and each one has a different code on the card.

    For 30% off GAP 8/2 -8/5, try one of the following codes :


    THey should work for the first people who redeem them.
  4. THANK YOU! I used PPB3MHJR93VC! saved over $61!
  5. I'm still looking for Banana Republic and Piperlime codes. Today is the last day. I'm constantly checking tPF for codes, but I'm always late.:crybaby:
  6. ohh~~noooo~~I missed it again!! Is there any new discount prom. ? I keep 10 items in my Banana Republic account, and I do wish to save a little~~any one could help?
  7. If you still want the code, I have one. I tried to PM you but your settings don't allow it.
  8. urbngirl -

    if you still have it, can you PM it to me?

    there's a dress i really want to buy at BR.

  9. I just gave it to Phoebers! Sorry for those who might have been interested. She pounced on it! :nuts:
  10. Urbngirl,

    If you still have a BR code, I will appreciate code too. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm late again ...:crybaby:
  12. Here are three Gap codes if anyone can still use them:


    If you do use one, let me know. I would like to know if I have been helpful. There is still 3 hours to use them.
  13. I went to the mall earlier today. The sale associates gave me 2 cards that I didn't use. Hope it is not too late.
    Banana Republic code is:

  14. SQR7B78CRXK6- I just used this code and saved $76. Thanks so very much!!!
  15. I used the last one of the three, thanks!!