Friends don't let friends buy fakes t-shirt

  1. eBay: Louis Vuitton Fans T-Shirt by R.A.M. DON'T BUY FAKES!!! (item 330098655564 end time Mar-23-07 21:04:06 PDT)

    Check out this auction. I think it is sooo cute. lol

    I gotta have one of those. I have so many family members who buy ugly fakes.
    My mom doesn't know real from fake, so it isn't intentional, she just doesn't educate herself and buys stuff cause it's cute. When I visited once she showed me her brand new Kate Spade straight from eBay. UGGH! It was terrible. No doubt the K.S. tag was hot-glued on! I made her pitch it.

  2. i saw that a while ago, but i don't have any friends that buy designer bags, they think i'm crazy for spending so much. It is a cute shirt though
  3. Hahah if I wore that around Oklahoma City, I would get so many dirty looks. EVERYONE thinks their LV's are real.. its sick!
  4. lol. Same here. :p
  5. Great reason to buy it Vick! No one here has real bags because there aren't stores close. And no one even cares. I love going to bigger cities tho cause people tend to tote good stuff there since the stores are local for them.
  6. That is a life-long lesson... Luckily I have family and friends that only buy authentic luxury items, so I don't have to wear that thing. :yahoo:
  7. What a cute tee! I want one!
  8. Its a cute tee. unfortunately I actually let my friends buy fakes once in a while because i cannot control how they spend their own money. :smile:
  9. Very cute tee, but I would not have the guts to wear it where I live. Too many knowing fakes around
  10. I sent the eBay link to my hubby at work and he got me one just to be a smarty, so looks like I *might* be sporting one. I'll be sure to post pics if I get up the nerve! lol
  11. Love that shirt .... too funny! :lol:
  12. If i bought that my friends would be wearin "friends dont let hollie buy anymore bags!" within a week, they all think i need sectioning for bag addiction!
  13. OMG that's such a great shirt, shame I'm not a t-shirt girl.
  14. love it, how awesome. great tee shirt
  15. :roflmfao: