Friend's child has lice, will mine get it

  1. My daughter's freind at camp got lice, they treated her over the weekend and sent her back today. Should I keep my daughter away from her

    I am totally freaked out, I have heard they can take months to go away completely.

    I hate to have her miss camp, but am really worried.
  2. If she has been treated and has been allowed back into the camp activities, then she can no longer spread lice to other children.

    Keeping your child away from her will just make the other child feel alienated and might hurt her feelings. If the treatment was done correctly and all nits were killed, then she should be fine :smile:
  3. you are right, i was just concerned that if they found it over the weekend...then she was back by Monday, that maybe it was just cured for the moment.

    i would hate it if my daughter was alienated if we were in her position, so i won't freak out.

    i immediately went to the internet to look up lice, and then started reading about all of the untreatable cases...i should know better.
  4. I would explain the situation to your daughter. And explain to her that she shouldn't go "licking" her friends head, which I hope wouldn't happen reguardless :p, but kids can be kids :p. And just explain that it isn't a huge deal, but try and wash her hands and hair well when she's at camp. I think she'll be fine.

    For over 2 years while I dated my ex he was living with his step-sister and she had lice ALLLLLLL the time. She had off and on for over 2 years, she got so bad at one time they kicked out of school until the lice were gone. Needless to say her real mom was a bit of a waste and didn't help her keep clean and get rid of them for good. They tried the various different treatments, but they kept coming back.

    ^^^^Now my last statement might bring back your fear that your daughter's friend's treatment might not have worked. However the reason why I explained that she had lice for over 2 years off and on was that I was ALWAYS around her. I babysat her, played with her, everything you normally do with 7 year olds. And I NEVER got lice from her, in fact NO ONE ELSE in the house caught lice from her. So if your daughter can take basic, simple measures she should be fine and she'll still be able to enjoy her friend's company :smile:
  5. I wouldn't be freaked out. Lice are no big deal. I recall as a kid being checked by the school nurse all the time. Every time some kid in class would get lice we'd all go through a check. I know I had them at least a couple of times and we had to wash with a special shampoo. Maybe there are more lice in certain areas, but it was just a part of life when I was growing up. And I went to a really snooty private school so it wasn't anything to do with not being cleanly.
  6. Hi
    I would just make sure to comb her hair every night in case the lice treatment didnt kill all the eggs. Make sure to comb like around the base of the head, neck area and behind the ears. The eggs stick to the hair shaft and look white. Also if you are concerned you can always wash her clothes and sheets in hot water and dry them in hot water. Sometimes lice dont get killed the first time around and you have to treat again. Nix is a good brand because it kills the bugs and the eggs and continues to work after it is washed out for up to 2 weeks. Id check with what brand they used at camp and then ask your pediatrician when you can treat again if you need to because you have to wait a bit before you can use the treatment again. And dont panic! Its ok. Having gone to camp and worked at overnight camps it happens to the best of us and it doesnt mean your kid is dirty. Lice like clean hair better! (We learned that in school. )
  7. Oops I misread what you wrote. I thought your child had been treated for the lice. Anyhow hopefully the lice were removed but if your child does get it it will be ok. Like I said it happens in camp environments. Just tell your kid not to share hats, towels or combs and I would just comb your childs hair every night. No need to use lice treatment as a preventative measure as you dont want to get resistant lice.
    Good Luck!
  8. If the child has been treated, I don't think there's a problem. However, do let your child know not to share head towels, brushes, combs and that sort of thing in order to prevent catching lice if there are any left.

    Even if she does catch lice, it's my understanding that it's a very common thing as a child (I had lice once myself), and specially formulated shampoos will get rid of them in no time.
  9. I remember when one of us in my family had lice when I was a kid we all had to wash with that special shampoo. Well, my dad took a shower and washed his whole body with it!