Friends Chat Thread: Wardrobe, Fun, and Whatever

  1. Everyone is welcome and invited to participate and become a friend. We want it to be a fun thread. This is a "no particular topic" thread loosely focused on wardrobe, but with LOTS of room for non-wardrobe topics. However, politics, soapbox speeches, and controversial topics are not welcome, because those discussions get un-fun real fast. Otherwise anything is fair game.

    Redundancy with other threads is welcomed, because the point is to find out what people you know think about a topic rather that the topic itself. This thread is a focus on relationships between contributors rather than content. Mentions of downer topics are ok but we hope they won't overtake the thread for days. If people are uncomfortable with any topic, they should not read the thread until that topic passes.

    Feel free to post pictures of things that currently interest you: clothes you want feedback on, your newest treasure, things that make you laugh, whatever.

    I am not starting this as my thread. It is our thread that we all share the responsibility for. I have invited a few friends to help me get this thread started. Feel free to invite your forum friends to participate. In order to keep this as a lightly moderated thread, all we ask is that people practice kindness, consideration, and patience. Please enjoy.
  2. To get the ball rolling, I am going to share my newest joy. I had been eying her for a long time trying to decide if she was awesome or just plain goofy. Pocketbook Pup and Momasaurus pronounced her to be awesome and gave me the nudge I needed to hit “buy it now”.

    Neither the seller nor Bababebi knows the name of her model. Bababebi thinks she may have only been sold in Japan. She is a 2002 model in Raisin box. She looks like a skinny precursor to the Toolbox. She is a little narrower and a little taller than a 28 Kelly. My favorite thing about her is the closure mechanism as it is minimalist modern.

    I am accepting naming suggestions for her. Preferably something that sounds faintly Japanese.
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  3. I'm so glad you started this thread! I look forward to rambling conversations.
    And that bag, of course, is to die for. Amazing color and sharp details!

    About me:

    My style is sort of classic-artsy. None of my jobs requires a specific look, so I am pretty lucky. My clothes are very basic and inexpensive (COS, Ann Taylor, Gap), but accessories are either folksy-eclectic or Hermès. If that sounds weird, I guess it is.

    I’m looking to downsize both my crummy stuff and my good scarf collection (not to mention books, CDs, and DVDs), and perhaps acquire a few classic pieces that are not trendy or season-specific. I look forward to learning more about sleeve length, boot height, trouser length, scoop necks, silhouettes, proportions, scarf knots, etc. And love hearing about gardening, travel, makeup, whatever.
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  5. I love to talk about downsizing. I have a weird personality quirk where I enjoy getting rid of things. DH is out of town and I spent last night culling my lipstick and today I thew away half of my nail polish. Of course these are all old, but the ones I kept still seem workable.
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  6. You . . . are . . . truly . . .thinking . . .of . . .downsizing . . .your . . . good. .. scarf . . . collection???? But you wear the scarves so well!

    I have very mixed feelings about that. I suppose everyone goes thru cycles of acquisition and de-acquisition with collectibles. But you have a very good eye., a superb eye!

    Remembering from just yesterday your fab Au Vie du Grand Nord collection. . . . . .Well, if you do downsize your collection at least you have a choice of accessories to go with the seasonless or classic choices you are aiming for!

    This is a chicken & egg question -- what should come first, the scarf or the classic garment? I think the scarf.
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  7. Great idea for a thread, Cordie! And that bag is gorgeous! The colour is like what you find at the base of a blush coloured blossom.
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  8. I decided a while back to get rid of my large collection of Threads and Vogue Patterns magazines. I decided they were taking up too much space in the bookcase.
    This spring there was some work being done in my bathroom so I went to use DH's. And what did I see but a huge pile of those magazines. DH had retrieved them or just plain not tossed them b/c he'd thought I'd regret the decision. Which was right.
    I tend to be somewhat impulsive in tossing stuff.
  9. Great idea Corde!!!!
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  10. Eagle! I only have two bottles of nail polish for 2017!! Hard to believe right? A pink from Dior and a true red from Chanel. When one is stuck with two bottles, not much thinking is necessary. :smile:
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    Psst. Don't discourage her. She might sell your grail. I bought one of PBP's never worn twillys in her downsizing, it is currently my favorite piece of silk.

    Only two? You are officially my idol. You must be very good at choosing. I have to buy several near misses to get the right one.

    Thank you. I am early into a purple decade. I had a decade that I was obsessed with a medium blue similar to Thalassa blue--furniture--cars--clothes.

    Good to see you here. I hope you will soon post some of your wonderful outfits. You and PBP are very inspiring with the pictures you post. I am going to force myself to do that more, but first I need to get a full length mirror.

    I can't take full credit. This is a joint effort. I am just the one who pulled the short straw and had to do the initial post. Just kidding.
  12. Hahah! I was thinking the same!
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  13. Beautiful bag! Looking forward to this thread!
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  14. Glad you are here. I think I should get first dibs on Moma's rehomes, because my scarf collection is so humble, it needs help.
  15. Events have me on a bit of a downsizing mood at the moment.
    Question- I have a top New with tags that I have never worn. Just logged into my Nordstrom account and found I bought in April 2016. It looks like maybe I can actually return to Nordies. But should I? It has been more than a year.