Friends and Hermes

  1. I was wondering whether members of the forum have friends (other than friendships made here) with whom they can share their Hermes passion? I don't, which is why I think I've become rather addicted to this forum- it's my only real opportunity to discuss these things with others who share a similar interest. With most people I know in my everday life (the majority of whom do earn a good living and could, if they wanted, afford Birkins and Kellys etc.) I am almost afraid at how they would look at me if we started discussing what I spend on handbags. (A couple of weeks ago a work colleague- a man- expressed shock at the idea of a $300 handbag and I just kept quiet secretly thinking how he would judge me if he knew what a Birkin cost).

    I'm not interested in many of the things people spend lots of money on-- fancy electronics, big screen tvs, cars, etc.--and it actually gets me down a bit not to have a local group of gfs with whom I can go out to lunch and talk about handbags and similar luxuries. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Sorry you have no one to share this with. It's the same reason I started going onto this forum. I had no one with whom I could talk leathers, colors, and bags.
  3. I'm in a similar situation, not a soul in my local circle of friends that is interested in Hermes. Most don't even know what Hermes is. *cries* I've gotten my mom interested though
  4. Other than my DH, no! That's part of the reason I love this forum sooo much! :flowers:
  5. I feel exactly as you do, TV. Many people I know have the means to buy kellys and birkins, but don't. They choose to save or spend their money on other things which I'm not particularly passionate about. You and the others on this forum are my only outlet for this Hermes obsession of mine. And I'm so grateful for the chance to talk about these things among people who won't think this is a mark of insanity/fiscal irresponsibility/rampant elitism, etc.

    While I have close friends in real life who wouldn't blink an eye (or even notice) if I carry a Birkin or Kelly, there are one or two who would likely go into cardiac arrest if they knew how much I spend on (now, exclusively) Hermes bags (although they spend much more than I think necessary for cars, travel, art, etc). With them I am actively circumspect about the bags, and actually, spending in general.

    Incidentally, have you seen Friends With Money? I haven't yet but was thinking that it may shed some light on what some of us might occasionally feel in our varied social circles.

    At the end of the day, I always find myself thinking: thank god for all of you!!

  6. Hehe, same here. Before, my mom couldnt get used to the idea of spending more than 5K on a bag, but after we went to France and she she experienced the thrill of getting a birkin straight from Hermes by herslef I can safely say that she has crossed to the dark side :roflmfao:

    Back to topic, my group of gfs know Hermes but none has them (yet). Majority of them are crazy about bags themselves so I can (kinda) share my Hermes passion with them but up to a point only. No group is better to understand my passion for Hermes than the ladies here though :yes: You guys rawk!
  7. I am also an "only" in the Hermes respect... I do most of my bag chatting/sharing online... My family/friends/colleagues find my bag lust interesting and amusing... I am getting to the point with DH where he will "play along"...I am currently "priming" him for some shopping in Madrid...
  8. I don't even share my passion with DH not because I think he'd object but because he wouldn't get it. I earn a good income (I am not in any way saying this to boast or put down DH but I earn about 1.5 times what he does because my profession-- law-- pays more than his-- engineering). DH and I have no children (DH was a widower when we met and he has two grown children) so I can spend the discretionary portion of my salary as I wish. Most of my friends and colleagues are putting their children through college and therefore have expenses I don't, which is one reason they're not as interested in things like bags. So there is a real disconnect between where they are in their lives and I am in mine. I think I'm just getting myself a bit down because I'm spending too much time at home with a broken arm and this forum is almost my only solace - though tomorrow is Monday and it's once again back to work.
  9. Sorry to hear about the broken arm!! I found this forum and purse loving friends here...and have been thrilled to make new friends! My IRL friends are not the same as me -- obsessed with bags lol! I have had the chance so far to meet one PF friend and shop together and it was just a blast -- although potentially expensive as well!! It's great to have a place to come and chat about bags, and the best part is that I now have several new friends and through e-mails, we chat about bags and everything!!
  10. I hate it when one of my non-Hermes friends asks how much a bag cost? I just smile and sweety say "I can't tell you."
    Now with an Hermes friend, I am happy to tell the price. They are not going to plotz on me.
  11. I don't really have any friends that would understand how much I spend on Hermes (not that I have many purses), but for one friend who loves Chanel and clothes (she understands my passion for purchasing shoes and clothes). Maybe in the future she may get a bag, but for now we like different things and spend $$ on different things, so no competition there, but good advice given to each other.

    I did make a friend here and had to call for help of advice. She ROCKS!!

    My HUSBAND (he ROCKS, too)...understands my passion and I can talk to him and he understands and helps feed this addiction.

    I think there are a few friends that would have cardiac arrest too if they knew how much I spent on bags!! They have an idea, but I just change the subject and leave it at that.
  12. i'm lucky to have friends that are as passionate about H as i am. unfortunately, when a bag comes along in our H store, the situation gets a little sticky esp. for some of us that share the same SA!

    thankfully, i have one friend that shops at every single H store all over the United States (and even Singapore, HK and Paris) and has enabled us to score some birkins/kellys that's not readily available in our local store! she ROCKS!
  13. TV--so sorry to hear about your broken arm; hope it heals soon.:flowers:

    Other than DH, I have a girlfriend and her husband who I talk to occasionally about Hermes. B/c my friend's hubby is an avid collector of comic books and the like, they understand the passion for the hunt and the excitement over the find. But there's no one that I can talk with indepth about Hermes except for y'all!:flowers:
  14. I have My MIL, SIL and my sister..all Hermes addicts :smile:
  15. My Mum, bless her, has always been in cahoots with me on the Hermes thing (told her I wanted a Kelly when I was 16 years old - she said there would be pleasure in buying something like that for myself - she was right, but I think it was ger way of saying "I'm not buying it for you"!). She comes to the store with me at Christmas time when I splurge, and she is the one who, when DH calls and says "what should I get K for Christmas?", says "HERMES!!!!" - :lol: , he seems to conveiniently forget every year about the existance of Hermes!! - LOL!!

    I have recent;y made friends with someone as passionate about Hermes as all of us (and has quite the collection to boot)- we went to the new store opening together, and have future shopping expiditions planned.....and it IS lovely to have a friend that shares your passion.........

    Once when my friends found out about the bags I wanted, they spent a good half-hour lecturing me on just how ridiculous it was to spend so much on bags, until my DH stepped in and told them I didn't have to justify to anyone how much I spend or what I spend it on.....except him (god love him!).....

    These friends still freak out about my bags....if you don't "get it", you just don't "get it" I figure......:shrugs: