Friends and Family Discount at Saks!!

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  1. Saks has been having their friends and family discount all weekend. If you have a friends and family card you get 20% off anything inthe store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Some brands are exclude such as Manolo, gucci, and Hermes. there are a few others that i can't remember.

    If you dont have a card just tell them that you are there for the freidns and family. 99% chance you'll get it. My salesperson told me there were not enough cards to go around so they are honoring it if you tell them that your salesperson called about it.

    It worked. My salesperson works in handbags (of course) and I went to the cosmetic department and told them that I was there for friends and family with my salesperson in handbags and they gave me 20% off my entire MAC cosmetics purchase.

    On top of that I bought 2 Isabella Fiore bags for 20 % off!!!!! :nuts: :nuts:

    GO GO GO!!! It ends today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. wow .........and am on a freaking budget
  3. Dont feel bad. I promised myself that after buying all of my Isabella Bags I would put myself on a budget. (I have bought 4 bags in the past 4 weeks) :unsure:

    I'm sure they will have it again one day. As soon as I hear about it I'll post it here
  4. nice! I wish we had a Saks here :sad:
  5. Cool.
  6. Did anyone have a chance to take advantage of this?????????:nuts: :nuts:
  7. I did. I bought Chanel make-up that I was completely out off. I bought of everything that I needed and travel make-up brush set. I'm happy:smile:
  8. UMMMMM how come I didn't know about this?!?!?!?!
  9. when is the family and freinds discount
  10. I read on another thread on the forum that cosmetics and fragrance discount is only 15% off this year, instead of 20% like the previous years. can you pls share which saks and which sa you used? thanks.

  11. I got my mom a burberry coat for winter 20% off, yay!
  12. I just got a call from my SA today for the Saks in Mission Viejo, CA. Beauty & Fragrance is only 15% off and the rest of the store is 20% off. I'm sure there will be some exclusions on certain items. She said the sale starts from this Thursday through Sunday.
  13. does anyone have the online code for family and friends?
  14. Presale for Friends and Family started on Monday, but the actual event starts Thursday (and ends Sunday). Online codes are one-time use only.

    The coupon I received in the mail states that in-store cosmetics purchases are 15% off, but online cosmetics purchases will be given the 20% discount.
  15. the mailer we got also says it's this weekend.