Friend will be in Paris next week - what bag should I ask him to get for me?

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    Hi all,

    My bf's friend will be in Paris next week and I'm asking him to help me buy a bag while at Paris... :yahoo: I'm contemplating on which bag (birkin / kelly) to ask him to get for me. Which one (meaning kelly or birkin, what leather, what color and what size) will I have a better chance of scoring???? Since he doesn't know my style much, I need to be very specific. (no black / white though)

    Of course I'd like to get maybe a kelly flash :graucho: (very rare rite now in the city I live in) or a seasonal color birkin (maybe the new Ruby or those candy-like SS2011 colors such as rose T or Mykonos blue, etc but is it too early?), but I am worried it'll be a very slim chance if I tell him to get that for me...

    What is a very frequently available yet awesome color / type of leather so that it's easier for him. Is box more available in Paris since it's more popular there?? I also prefer gold hardware and it is more available in Paris? In the country I live in, ppl prefer PHW and it's difficult to get GHW.

    Opinions? Many many thanks!!
  2. No response. I guess my question was too vague. Let me rephrase it if you will.

    What is the easiest to get color / leather for birkin or kelly in Paris? I know it all depends on luck but on average, which is most common? Is it easier to get kelly than birkin? (for colors, excluding black / white please)

    Many many thanks!!! =)
  3. Stock is very limited right now. I think it would be safer to have a more expanded list (that includes non-Birkins and Kellys) if you want an H bag and do not have a connection or pre-existing relationship with the store, to avoid disappointment.
  4. Maybe a kelly pochette or a Kelly danse or a Kelly longue!I think they are lovely and maybe your friend has more chance to find them than birkins, IMO..Hope it helps:flowers:
  5. I don't know if anything is "easy" at FSH. Based on your "done list", you could use a nice red Kelly. I would give your friend a list of "do not buy" colors.

    The "easiest" place would be Japan...