Friend wants to know which Spy to get btw these two

  1. friend's around 5' 4" wants to know which bag to get?? it will be her first spy ;)

  2. Has she seen the Biscuit IRL? its just that the photos make it look pink and its a real biscuit colour.

    I think the Biscuit is ideal for summer but I think if it was my first spy would go with the black one as you can wear that with anything.:yes:
  3. Black matches everything so I would go for the black!
  4. I agree with the others about the black bag
  5. the black one. :yes:
  6. Another vote for the black - that was my first, too, and then she can go on from there.
  7. I actually saw the biscuit in real life and I walked all around the store trying to make it not look pink but it looked pink to me! I like it pink and I am considering this bag..just need to see the purple first. To me it looks like a neutral pink that you can wear with many things, so both black and biscuit would work with a lot of outfits. I personally would go for biscuit!
  8. I thought that biscuit was going to be more pink! I would have loved it if it was more pink..

    Since its her first spy...then i would say black!
  9. The biscuit definitely needs matching shoes IMO....

    If this is her first spy I would vote black all the way.
  10. I havenet seen the biscuit in real life, but I like it in the pics. I say she should go with the biscuit!
  11. Black is perfect for a 1st spy.
  12. Another vote for black... but why the choice of only these two colors? Did she like them the best?
  13. definately black between the two.
  14. BLACK! IMHO darker colors go with everything, and there is less fear of getting it dirty.
  15. UUUUhhhh...Cognac! :nuts: - Darker color is better, but Cognac is more "Wow!" than Black....;)
    Chocolate is a good choice also...