Friend Modelling Gucci Boston

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  1. Not a Gucci carrier myself but my girlfriend has one. I think another tPFer said it was a Gucci Boston.

    I love her outfit except for her socks, but here it is:

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  2. nice !
  3. ok she has my current obsession down pact!! mixing burrberry and gucci! for some reason the two brands go SOOOOOO well together!!

    tell her she is gorgy! :smile:
  4. I like her bag and scarf! Looks nice together!
  5. agree - gorgeous. she looks great............
  6. i like it & i like her socks too!!
  7. That color bag was not offered on Gucci website - too bad - I really like it. She's lucky to have it. It looks great!
  8. beautiful bag! very stylish look.
  9. Luvednotspoiled--->>> I concur! Haha! Burberry seems to mix well with every bag and not just that but it's almost nice enough to not require a beautiful bag but still. Love Burberry shoes.


    I wonder if those shoes are authentic. I don't know. I'll tell her what you guys said.

    Honestly I think I'm really liking Burberry's shoes and accessories
  10. I agree...they have cool shoes. I have a couple of them. :smile: Very nice bag by the way...
  11. I saw that bag in the Dior thread, it is soooo cute! I love it. :love:
  12. Cute:smile:
  13. I looks really adorable...and really refined at the same time, it's not crazy loud, but looks demure and pretty white

  14. I have been doing this also and wondered if I looked strange but I guess I am not the only one so feel better.