Friend makes me doubt LV

  1. I feel bad admitting, but... one of my friends makes me doubt Louis Vuitton! I was almost 100% sure that I wanted to buy a Speedy and start an collection. But my friend is SO negative about it that it makes me doubt my decision!
    Also, this a friend who says she loves designers and claims to know so much about it (she doesn't - both loving and knowing). She even really wants to come with me to buy my LV! Plus, shhh... she was desperately looking for a fake Speedy when we were in the Czech Republic!

    The other day she said: 'I don't like Louis Vuitton. People carrying Louis Vuitton are such wannabe's! I mean, if you're so crazy to spend that amount on a bag, buy Chanel! Chanel is sooo classy, and when someone carries Chanel you'll at first think 'What a cute purse!' and if you look closely you'll see it's Chanel! I hate how LV screams LV. It's ugly and stupid.'
    I, of course, immediately defended: 'Louis Vuitton is just as classy. It's even older than Chanel. Plus, do you also hate Gucci and Fendi? They also scream the brandname!'
    She responded: 'No, that's just different.'
    Me: 'And what about Epi, and Nomade? They don't scream Louis Vuitton!'
    She: 'Yeah, just cut it out. Nobody knows or sees that except YOU! That's just because you're so stupid to go and learn all that crap!'

    That wasn't nice :sad: And today she got all over it again. She told me she had made a deal with her mother - when she graduates, she'll get a Chloé Paddington... which I looohoooove. A lot. But it's just so expensive, and a Speedy is affordable. And to top it off she starts babbling about how people carrying LV have no style, and that it is faked so much and you see fakes all around, and how the monogram is so tacky, and how you should buy Chloé if you buy designer (wait, wasn't it Chanel first?).

    Baaaah, it makes me crazy. Especially that she even has an influence on me. Argh...
  2. She doesn't sound like a very good friend, especially calling you "stupid."

    She's entitled to her taste and you're entitled to yours! If you love and want a Speedy, you should get one.

    Besides, Chanel is counterfeited a lot as well, and it's pricier overall than LV. I love both, but you can't get a Chanel bag for the price of a Speedy.
  3. Dont let her influence you in something that makes you feel uncomfortable!

    You have your own style and it seems she does too..

    I hate fendi but if one of my friends like it..I wouldnt impose myself on them

    because its not me whose going to wear the bag...

    Everyone has diffrent styles.. and her LV justification doesnt make sense

    frankly, so dont just go with the what YOU please!
  4. i wouldnt care what she thinks...just buy the stuff u like..:tup:
  5. Your friend sounds like an idiot.
  6. yeah she doesn't sound like a friend. My friends would never talk to me like that.
  7. She is no friend. It sounds like she is jealous of your plans and is trying to make you feel bad so she can feel better about herself. Plus, she tried to buy a fake LV!? And the Paddington is a nice bag (heavy!!) but it was the hot bag 2-3 years ago. Again, sounds like she is trying to puff herself up to make you feel bad.

    Not everyone cares for the traditional LV logo for many reasons, but that is why there is damier and epi and vernis etc. The speedy is a great bag and I will be getting my damier speedy 30 within a few months. It is a staple that I will probably hand down to my daughter and she will be able to carry when some other of the current or recent "it" bags may not have the staying power.

    Get your speedy and wear it with pride.
  8. I'm sorry but she is the one that sounds like a wannabe. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be accepted, or being a designer fashion expert in one's own head (as seems to be the case with your friend) but she is just being a really rude hater. The speedy is the LV starter bag IMO, the best designer starter bag period. Because it is so timeless, and so versatile, you can use it to go to the gym, or to go out. It doesn't matter what you are wearing.

    If you like it, you can rock it!!

    Furthermore if you really want to get at her. Audrey Hepburn epitomized style. I've seen pictures of her with a speedy, never a padington, and even if it had been around at the time, I can hardly imagine her wearing one of those.
  9. Excuse me ....will your friend carry the bag? Why listen to her opinion; you have your own style and that is all that counts. Get your Speedy and enjoy it life is short.
  10. BTW, I have three Speedys and am on the wait list for the watercolor speedy. It's a great bag you'll love it. I only have one Paddington. :idea:
  11. Ok, sorry to hear your friend is like that. I agree with people here, you should have your choice and she has hers and if you're great friends, you will respect each other and each others taste in bags. Obviously she doesn't respect you.
  12. i'm sorry but imo I don't think shes a very good friend.

    its your money so you should buy whatever makes you happy. don't listen to her rubbish.
  13. If she really cares about you, she wouldn't say such thing.. I think she is probably jealous of you the fact that you can afford buying this designers bags.
    IF you really like the bag go head buy it, don't worry about what's your friend said.. You the one who are gonna pay it and enjoy it ..:winkiss::winkiss:
  14. First, she is not a good friend---calling you names! Second---I'd bet one of my beloved LV's that the reason she doesn't want you to get a speedy is because she REALLY wants one---a REAL one, that is!
    Get that Speedy. Carry it with pride and NEVER let her borrow it!!!!!!!!!!!!:graucho:
  15. I agree with all the posts before me - this is not a friend but just a jealous person who envies you and your - very likely substantial - knowledge about designer bags...