Friend insulted me/my bag!

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  1. A girlfriend of mine stopped by to show me her summer bag, and after I "oohed" and "ahhed" over her bag (which I had seen before when she first purchased it) and since my Galliera had just arrived and was sitting next to me, I showed it to her. Her initial response was "it's awfully big," so I tried it on so she could see that it doesn't look that big on. Her comment? "It broadens you." :wtf: Now, I am not a petite girl by any stretch of the imagination, but I didn't really think this was an appropriate "sharing bag excitement" response. What would you think of this if someone said it to you?
  2. Is she someone that normally gives very blunt advice, or do you think she makes snarky comments to people generally ?

    Honestly, it would depend on the friend. I have some friends that will give it to me straight up, and if that were the case, I'd take it at face value and wouldn't think of malicious-ness behind it. However, if it's one of those "friends" that are just jerks, I'd dish it right on back. ;) Haters will always hate, and I can't help myself when that happens !
  3. thats messed up. you happily said very nice things to you and she didnt . Can i ask you was her bag an LV too? If not she only said to be jelous. But if heres was an LV too than she was jelous . Its just envy. You probably look stunning dont mind all that . If you love it thats all that matters. ^^ Ayla i agree it depends always on the friend but its mostly that . Jelousy.
  4. I had friends like that too.

    I no longer talk to them
  5. How can a bag broaden you.
    A pizza can. A Burgar can. A mirror can.
    but the bag doesn't broaden you. If anything a smaller bag would make you look broader.
  6. B. Otch.
  7. Out of all the LV bags I can think of, the Galliera PM would broaden someone the least! It sits nicely on the shoulder, is flat against the body, and would slim you if anything. It's gorgeous! Sounds like she's jealous.
  8. booo, don't worry about it. You and your bag are FABULOUS!!!
  9. :lol: Thanks, lukeswiss! That made me laugh. And you make a great point about the smaller bags!
  10. shes jealous maybe??? and wants to make you feel bad about your purchase..
  11. Tell her that her bag makes her butt look big.
  12. Well since I'm pretty confident in my self I would not really take any ofence from that comment.
  13. Seems like she's jealous. Oh well, can't please everyone, may as well please yourself! :love:
  14. I agree some people are blunt, but blunt is often times just an excuse to be rude and not exercising any decorum.

  15. Some people just comment without thinking.