Friend has visibly lost a lot of weight but her scales remain the same????

  1. I wonder can anyone throw any light on this. My best friend has been dieting for almost a month now. She has two stones to lose. She has cut out all carbs - bread, pasta, potatoes etc. no junk food at all. She has been really good. the first week she dropped 7 lbs & since that the scales have not budged even though she has visibly lost more weight & her clothes are looser. This is very discouraging for her so I thought I would ask if anyone has any idea why this might be? TIA!
  2. when I started working out, I thougt I was losing any weight because everytime I weighted myself the scale wouldn't change. DH told me not to worry because I was building muscle and muscle weights more than fat. I did feel skinnier but I was a little upset with the scale. lol.. I've lost 8 lbs in the last 2 months but I dont diet. When you are on a diet I think you loose a lot of weight at the begginnig and then you kind of stay a the same weight for a while and then start lossing again.. I am not really sure, just tell her not to give up.. she is doing great, as far as she feels better
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    Yes i said that to her also maybe she is making more muscle but she is just dieting not working out so it'e not that.
    Good for you with the weight loss & no diet, I wish. I could do with a few pounds myself but will put it off until after the hols LOL
  4. I'm having the same problem I lost 10 pounds, and i KNOW i've lost more because my clothes fit better and I have more curves, but my scale refuses to acknowledge my weightloss! It's discouraging, I am just trying to ignore the scale LOL
  5. It's weird Jen, hoping someone here can shed a light on why this happens & maybe some way to correct it. I am worried my friend is getting discouraged & she needs to keep going for her health!
  6. Well I did some googling and I guess the consesus is to screw what the scale says, if you can see it and she can see it and the clothes are fitting differently then whatever she's doing is working!

    "Far too many people use their scale as an indicator of progress when in fact they have no idea if it's fat, water or muscle they are losing."

    I think that quote says it all, just tell her to keep up the good work! Healthy weight loss take a LONG time!
  7. Thanks Jen, will tell her :smile:
  8. I would toss the scale and tell her to go by clothes. When she drops a size she'll definitley know she lost weight.
  9. I'm having having this problem to I'v been watching what I put in my mouth for 3 months now. I have given up fast food and I cook every day. I've lost a grand total of 13 lousy pounds. I work out by walking 2times a week for 1 hour and 3 day a week with tapes and weights. My size 18 jeans and shirts are too big. I can get into a size 16 jeans with no problem but the scales are not moving. I getting sort of mad because I feel that maybe I'm not doing enough. Should I just not worry about the numbers on the scales or just give up and get use to being a plus size woman. I had wanted to lost 30 or 40lbs for my birthday next year. I'm getting sort of worried that this may never happen. Does anyone know why this is happening.
  10. You could suggest that she buy some of the scales that measure fat and water instead of just weight.

    That way she'd know if she was losing fat :yes:
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    I never heard of these, can you get them online definitely never saw in the stores

  12. I got mine from Lloyd's Pharmacy. I'm sure places like Boots and Argos will stock them too :smile:
  13. that's actually happening to me too! i look much skinnier now than when i was 18, but i weigh alot more, to me personally, it happens because i do weight training, i lost the fat and gain muscle mass....tell your friend not to judge by the number, she doesn't need the scale! as long as the clothes fit better and she feel great about her body, that's all what matter!
  14. Thanks Iluv, I must get them also.
  15. Just wanted to politely interject on this one ... muscle does not weigh more than fat. 1 pound of fat = 1 pound of muscle = 1 pound of feathers = 1 pound of bricks.

    The idea is that when you're building muscle, it takes up less space on your body than fat does (it's more dense) so someone who is leaner or has more muscle than fat will look smaller. If you do a search on the internet and find out what one pound of fat looks like you'll be shocked. I don't want to post a pic here because it's pretty gross.