Fried Lasaugna?!

  1. :yahoo:Ok, so I was just wondering if any watched the episode where Paula Dean made fried lasaugna with her son? She made the lasaugna like normal then let it cool. After it was cooled she covered it in bread crumbs and flower then threw it in the Fry daddy. Just wanted to no if ne one else has tried this or something similar and if it's worth trying??
  2. OMG that sounds so yummy! Although what isn't yummy fried? I wouldn't even want to guess the fat and calories but I would love to try it (if someone else cooked it:p).
  3. I dont know who I love more her....or her son Bobby. LOL...Hells YEAH I DO!!! BOBBY!! lol
    That woman could cook an ice cube in the fryer and it would be amazing. I just love her. If you do try this back! I bet its wonderful!
  4. I defintly will! It sounds very yummy but like you said sunshine any thing she makes is yummy! We all deserve to splurge on the calories every now and then!
  5. I saw her on some show, where she was making great food that was not low-calorie, LOL. The host said, isn't this food bad for your heart, cholesterol, etc. She replied, "Honey, I'm not your doctor, I'm your chef," ;)

    Loved it!
  6. Lol....she's my fav!!