Fried foods!

  1. Are fried foods bad even if I use extra virgin olive oil?
  2. Fat is fat!!!! Eveytime you fry your food, you're adding unnecessary calories. I love extra virgin olive oil, but I wouldn't fry my food with it.
  3. I read it's unhealthy to even cook olive oil on a high heat so I'd say frying is a bad idea.
  4. it doesn't matter what you fry in, its all fat. olive oil can be good for the heart but it must be in moderation. many chefs don't fry in olive oil because its too heavy on the foods.
  5. What oil is best for frying? Canola? I can never say no to fries....
  6. I read that olive oil is best for frying and canola is good for baking, and never, ever use the same oil that you fried food in twice! Once oil reaches those high temperatures once, it can be unhealthy to use it again.
  7. any light oil, like canola, vegetable or even peanut. i actually have never heard that you can only use oil once, i've heard that twice is good, assuming you strain out any bits.
  8. I heard canola isn't healthy at all, check it out before you use it, I stopped using it completely. They say veggie oil is also very fake, the best are corn, sunflower if you must deep fry and cook with.

    Olive oil is healthy using it lightly for cooking and on salad.. etc.
  9. Thanks for the replies ladies.
  10. you can stir fry with olive oil but over heating it will just make it lose it's nutrients.
  11. Olive oil is certainly better than butter! I'm one to say don't deprive yourself of certain foods if thats what you want. So I say if you want something fried, then fry with virgin olive oil. I personally love fried eggplant. I have fried it in margerine and then absorbed the excess butter off with papertowels. It save somes cals but not as well as olive oil would.
  12. I think EVOO burns faster that light olive oil. May not be the best oil for frying.