Fridge just for Makeup

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  1. so i was at this small beauty expo recently.. and they had on display these little fridges just for makeup ( i get sucked in easily) so i bought one.. they are made by samsung.. came in 3 colors.. and are actually quite cute.. you have to adjust it to what season your in and what skin type you have ( dont know what that does) hahaha anywyaz.. i took a pic last night of it...

    What do you think?
    Makeupfridge.JPG Makeupfridge2.JPG
  2. Hey, I've got some swamp land in Florida I'll sell ya!

    j/k It's not unusual for estheticians to have those types of things for their product and I use one in the salon to store my eyelash extension glues, removers, etc, but I've never heard of someone having one for home use.
  3. ^ haha i knwo right? told you im a sucker for stupid things.. and this wasnt expenwisve
  4. That's interesting. I would probably need 3 or 4 for my entire collection. But what's the point of putting the makeup in the fridge? Honestly, I'd probably take it to work with me and use it so my lunch doesn't get stolen.

  5. It keeps it from spoiling. Makeup and cosmetics spoil after time and the refrigeration prolongs their shelf life two fold. Same concept as if you were to accidentally get tap water into your shampoos and conditioners, they can mildew...........yuck!
  6. You're not a sucker at fact, you're ahead of the consumer game!
    My mom kept her makeup, nail polish and so forth in our fridge my entire childhood! Sidebar, here in Las Vegas where summer temps reach 110+, if your house is not insulated correctly, with windows facing certain directions your lipsticks will actually melt! Forget a loaf of bread on the counter, cookies, chocolate etc. It all has to be kept refrigerated in the summer months!
    And in the car.............oh GOSH!! You'd be amazed at what you find. I should link a picture of the insides of some of my sunglasses cases that I've left in there.............hehe
  7. thats such a good idea. i would buy 1. im always getting wrong off my mother for putting nail varnish in the fridge, it makes it last twice as long because it doesnt go gloopy.
  8. haha that's pretty cool actually!
  9. That's cute. I can't see buying one for myself just because I haven't gotten whole bunch of makeup that stays around long enough to preserve. Are you supposed to store all types of makeup in there. Eye shadow? Looks like a fun thing to have. Then you don't have to run downstairs to the kitchen to grab things out of your other refrigerator.
  10. i think it's a great idea actually!! it keeps your cosmetics and creams in good condition. it's cute and you've got space for it. the only thing i'd say is can you get a shelf for it? coss it seems like too much vertical space in the main compartment KWIM?
  11. wow! thats SUCH a good idea! i LOVE IT! :biggrin: id buy one... but i carry most my make up with me all day anyways, well not most my makeup but the essentials
  12. Actually I'm glad to know that a product like that exists. Sometimes I buy cosmetics in bulk, like when the price is very good or something's being discontinued. I have about eight bottles of one fragrance that I thought about refrigerating just to prelong their shelf life. But I think I'd hear objections to bringing a little fridge into the bedroom, which is where I keep my cosmetics. How much does the little fridge cost?
  13. wow never would have thought to put my makeup in the fridge.
  14. whoa I need that, the weather is already warming up and last year I had to store my makeup 1-2 months in the fridge (lipsticks starting to sweat and all that). but I don't think there are such things in Austria (except for tiny fridges for food)
  15. That's a great idea ^-^!