Friday!!! What are you wearing with your bag today?

  1. I thought this might be fun.
    Procrastination combined with visuals!

    AC/DC 86' Who Made Who Tour sleeveless long white tshirt
    Oversized long long black batwing cashmere shrug
    Rock and Republic jeans
    Black Chanel Flats (not Cambon)
    Cornflower City (I need a new first bag, someone enable me)

    Aren't I going to be a vision with my children at the Children's Festival this afternoon:lol: :angel:

  2. Winona, you are one hot mama! I totally ditched my city today for my speedy b/c it looked like rain. Sad, bc it's such a friday bag.
  3. Black tee shirt that says "Party in Amsterdam. Vegas is for sissies!" old navy jeans, Nike tennis shoes, ink first bag. I could wear pajamas to work if I wanted to, no one here cares.
  4. My daily problem is just trying to decide which Bbag I want to use, much less the outfit. I'll have to get back to ya on this one!
  5. oh ranskimmie, i wish i had that problemo.
  6. I always pick my outfits the night before. I have been for the last 25 years. My mom programmed me!

    I want a Speedy.
  7. they are great bags, they go w/ everything, and if you aren't overly uptight about the vachetta they are pretty durable.
  8. [

    I want a Speedy.[/quote]

    Winona, I have a speedy 30. Get one you will love:heart: it. They look great and last for freakin' ever:yes: :biggrin:
    Do you like the mono,or damier? Mine is the mono;)
  9. Oh gosh:shame: if your still hangin' with us here in the next few months. Im sure you will be right there along with me. These Bbags are more addicting than anything!:roflmfao:
  10. NO kidding, i have one, and i'm searching constantly for my next one. I want to wait for the new fall colors, but i'm so impatient!

  11. YAY! What color are you going to get?:graucho:
  12. Mono!!
  13. maybe the blue roi- blueberry in the hobo? or the grenat, i want a hobo and a first. darnet! so many choices! of course i want a weekender as well. it's enough to make your head spin!
  14. get the speedy Winona! it's awesome! good price, timeless, you will have it forever!
  15. wow you are hot! can we get an actual photo?! i bet it looks awesome.