Friday the 13th - BAD DAY for me and a Bad Month

  1. So adding to my flood that happened in to me a week and a half ago. Today, Friday the 13th, my car gets scratched badly($500 to fix it) when it was parked and I was inside Lowes! Then I come home and my Beta fish dies! This has been a crappy day and a crappy month!

    I will post pics of the scratched tonight! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I've gone mad!:cursing:
  2. So sorry...for everyone who had a good FT13th day, there's someone who didn't..:sad:
  3. Oh so sorry. That stinks. Well they say bad things happen in it over? Hope so. Chin up sweetie! :smile:
  4. so sorry to hear that. Hopefully tomm will be a better day.
  5. Awww! That is soo bad! I'm so sorry for you for what had happened!!
  6. OMG! Did someone else scratch your car or did you hit something? I would cry if someone scratched my new car that bad (and I dont even care that much for my new one). I always park at the back of the lot, even if it means a long hike, people are so distresectiful to other peoples car.
  7. Sorry about your day! I had a bad one too!
  8. I'm sorry those things happened to you. Things can only get better. Sending good vibes to you. :smile: