Friday night eye candy

  1. My SA sent me this tempting eye candy in peony and Atlantic. Happy Friday ladies! It's been a loooong week. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460159774.375715.jpg
  2. Wow that's a stunning assortment
  3. 😀 she is a good SA tempting you. I think you need the Bella in blue the make up and document case in pink

  4. Haha! You are a good enabler!

  5. I love the mni my mind just went black for the name of this bag
    it is in pink it\n the back
    it comes in a larger size they used to make it in nappa umbria now it is in calf skin on darn
    my smileys aren't working or I would be posting one rolling my eyes at my menopause brain
  6. mini roma
    god I hate when that happens
  7. The Olimpias. Gosh, those are very tempting indeed.
  8. The peony on the far right is that a "large" Bella ?
  9. I think so. Confession: my SA is sending me that and the Olimpias to see in person. Hoping I dint fall in love. I can take better pics and post if you'd like.
  10. Very much so, thanks !
    Until the Saks here in Canada carries a larger selection, I rely on everyone in the forum😆
  11. Thanks for sharing. I tried on the large croc peony Olimpia at Valley Fair during our meet up. She is one big bag. Peony is very bright.
  12. Oh, I like that one!
  13. Is it Atlantic or the new blue, Pacfic? I like the idea of the Bella in Peony. What fun! The Olimpias in blue seem ideal! I look forward to your thoughts when they arrive.

  14. I was thinking it looked like pacific too and not Atlantic. I think she misspoke. I will confirm.

  15. By "large" Bella, do you mean the regular Bella or is there a new size?

    I'm still deciding whether I should get the baby Bella or the medium (regular) one 🤔