Friday evening = HIGH heels

  1. Which heel height will you be wearing this afternoon or evening? Me I going for 5":sweatdrop:
  2. at this very second I am wearing flats
  3. 5" also... am going to be in pain tomorrow methinks. Totally worth it though, I always get complimented on my shoes. :smile:
  4. What brand and style r they? Mine are "MIA" pumps
  5. Its rainy in the NY/NJ area so tonight im going to probably wear my CL Decollete. Classic....can never go wrong with them. They hurt my ankles by the end of the night, but totally worth it!
  6. What height are your Decollete pumps?
  7. I am wearing black patent Charles Albert pumps, I think they're '4 and a half inches high. I love them, although they're not usually the designer stuff I love I want to buy them in red patent too. (I bought them because I blew my money on a handbag, and I still wanted patent high heels.)
  8. I want to say they are 4 1/2 ? Not sure exactly. lol but they are high! Love them though!!!
  9. They were JC "Hexo" sandals. My feet don't hurt this morning, yesss!
  10. 4"
  11. 4.5" earlier! :graucho: