Friday (12th) last day of Giuseppe Zanotti store sales

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  1. Hi! I posted in the glass slipper subforum, but then I realized maybe this is more appropriate here...anyways...

    At the store in Boston (phone # 617 262 4100) they are having 60% off select styles. Friday is the last day of the sale. Tell them Hrisoula mentioned this here :smile:

    The SAs at the GZ store are the best, very helpful, and they'll track down styles for you.

    Good luck!
  2. thanks for posting- do you have any idea what styles/sizes are left? TIA
  3. ^ Would love to know too. Love Zanotti shoes!
  4. hi ladies!

    they seem to have a decent number of 38s, but the sizes left can call and ask. They are very helpful and I'm sure can look for you.

    a decent number of boots left - and some really fun pumps. limited number of flats.
  5. wow...would love to see what they have.
  6. I just emailed Erika (one of the best SAs ever) and asked her to send me some pics, so hopefully I can post some here soon
  7. Do you have Erika's e-mail address? Which store does she work at?
  8. She's in the Copley store in Boston...her email is

    but you can also call too at 617 262 4100

    good luck :smile:
  9. K, thanks. I just sent her an e-mail. I'm looking for the suede over the knee boots. I had no idea we had GZ stores in the US. I've been buying from the dept stores. So exciting:yahoo:
  10. I definitely saw some! I would try to call instead - they can check for you while you're on the line...they are currently 60% off :graucho:
  11. Have you ever seen them on? They are final sale so I couldn't return them. I want to make sure I'm getting something cute.

  12. Erika is going to email me pics. very soon - I just got an email from her :smile:

    as for the boots, all I can say is that I have around 15 pairs of Zanottis by now, and I love all of them - never been disappointed with any of them. They also fit TTS so you don't have to play guessing games...but maybe after I post the pics you can get a closer look?
  13. Hear Hear! LOVE GZ!

    Waiting for the pics!
  14. Thanks for posting. I didn't see in boots in the pic.