Freya satchel

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  1. #1 Jun 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
    Hello, please can any one tell me good bad point that have a Freya satchel please, I normally buy preloved but have returned a pochette & after ' trying' this on love it! I have seen that there has been a peeling issue with the bags so if anyone could share anything I would be grateful as I'm selling two bags to fund & want to make the right decision
  2. i saw a taupe hobo on a lady today at the rail station and I thought it was very pretty.
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  3. Hi. I have one of these in Oxblood... I am sad to say it is the first (only) of my Mulberry bags to really disappoint me... I barely used it before there was noticeable wear on the corners and lockplate, we are talking days here! Not happy! It is a practical style for easy access, but I ended up upgrading to a AH Maxi zip satchel within weeks, leaving it languishing in the wardrobe. The condition means it is not really worth selling on or I would. The silly thing is I tend to be light on bags, my others are still excellent. Sorry i couldn't give a better review....
  4. Sadly a lot of them seem to have worn very badly such a shame as they looked lovely
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  5. If sill within warranty, I'd complain as it appears to be a known issue, others were successful getting refund/exchanges
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  6. I second this. I threw out a rouge noir patent bag in disgust - I should've taken it back and complained - but I didn't realise there was a widespread problem with that particular leather
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  7. Thanks ladies, I have sold both the bags I needed to very quickly so freed up funds, am now unsure, how has mulberry reacted to the issues if you have returned, does anyone know? X
  8. Search Freya and the last thread has some examples, John Lewis no quibble, an example of M playing hardball and also doing the right thing

    I can't seem to work out how to add a url to link back to it do'h!!

    I've seen a few on evilbay too with the worn corners and worse still, seen a couple on my daily commute over the last year with worn corners

    I'd steer clear from pre loved if I was you, even if it comes to you ok, if it develops the fault, difficult to have a fallback position
  9. Thanks, I did search & saw those before I posted this, thought they were about the bag not the satchel.I didn't think about JL now wondering if that a better option, but loathed to not have the " mulberry shop" experience as sad as it sounds........decisions, decisions..... This will only be my 3rd shop purchase so been ultra careful as its a substantial amount of money.
    I am extremely careful with my bags & change around regularly touch wood the only issue I have ever had is colour transfer on my deer brown Somerset messenger.
  10. Remainsilly called out her concerns when the bag was new, its the leather treatment/process that would worry me - seems it's a very thin layer of leather over something else
  11. As much as you seem keen to get one it seems most of the feedback isn't positive. If it were me, I would look for something else.

  12. I'm going to go to JL & have a look & also ring Mulberry to ask about the leather, thanks for your help it's appreciated

  13. I'm going to do more research & have a good look round, thank-you
  14. I love this bag and have since it came out. It was the item I most wanted to see in the sale. Then someone bought it on a Facebook group, and after two uses it started to peel at the corners. Cue stories from others of returning the bag and getting other models from Mulberry, who accept the Freya leather is not problem free.

    I completely get that you love the bag and want there to be positive feedback. But the price for me is too much for something that spoils straight away and so many people have had bad experiences with. There will be another bag you love that lasts longer!
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  15. Have you bought the bag?
    How do you like it if you did?