Freya Lingerie? Yay or Nay?

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  1. So I'm constantly on the hunt for bras that don't look to utilitarian even though a utilitarian bra is something I need since I'm such a large size. I found this brand based out of the UK called Freya and I wondered if any of you on here have had any experience with their bras. Their lingerie is very feminine with a lot of pieces feturing embroidery and sheer fabrics. Are the comfortable, do they support, how to they hold up in the wash, any problems with wires popping out? Thanks in advance for any info! :smile:
  2. They are amazing! Changed my life as I could never find bras for my e cup size. Good support and normal rounded boob shape without looking ulitarian. Their bras are actually very very pretty! Go for it, but I would say order a size up and down in the style that you like from what your thinking your size is from figleaves and then once you know for sure you can return the ones that dont fit and keep ordering in your new size.

    Also, their balcony bras are true to size whereas with plunge bras i find i have to go down a band size and UP a cup size.

    Let me know how it goes! xx
  3. They are amazing bras,and dont look like tents! I would definetly recommend them
  4. I would def recomment them and I have some from when I was in Ireland. I just bought a Tankini from Intimacy when I was in Miami so delighted I can get them in the US
  5. I love Freya! I don't have many of their bras but they are very comfy & long lasting!
  6. Oh what great news! I'm so happy to hear everyone likes them. I'm def going to try them out and let you know how I like them as well.
  7. I love Freya bras! They're amazing and so well priced as well!
  8. Yup - a total recommendation here. They fit really well and tend to be true to size (for me at least) in all styles, so it's not like other brands where you are one size in a plunge and another in a strapless. Wear and wash great too. Let us know how you get on. Oh I would say that the back sizes run smaller than most brands (which I approve of!).
  9. Big YAY! They're very supportive, but still have sex appeal. Plus the price is reasonable.
  10. I love Freya bras:yes: They are pretty yet supportive. I don't recommend putting them or any underwire bra in your washing machine (for both the sake of the bra and the machine!), handwashing is the best way to keep your bras in good condition and not have them lose their shape:yes: (and definitely no dryer!)
  11. So would any of you girls have any other suggestions for another comparable lingerie brand, pretty and feminine, but supportive of bigger sizes?
  12. I love Freya, too. There's another line called Fantasie, that's under the same company as Freya. They have pretty bras in the same size range. I'm a 34E and wear a lot of Freya, Huit and Elle McPherson bras.
  13. Oh I didn't know there was an Elle McPherson brand of lingerie, I'll have to look that up as well as the Huit. Thanks for the info!

  14. Prima Donna is excellent quality and wonderful support, these are a bit more expensive but worth it IMO. I view them as investments.
    I believe for larger sizes you may have to compromise in "prettiness" for support but its worth it for overall effect.

    Freya/Fantasie do large sizes, so does Goddess (very supportive but not as pretty).
  15. YAY YAY YAY!!! They are gorgeous, fit amazing and are comfortable. Don't even hesitate to buy them!