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  1. Since the time difference, mostly I will order the bags from Nordstrom / NM through email.

    Last Thursday I confirm the bag's col & size and placed an order on Friday.

    I had provided all my details (including bank info) to my SA.

    But until now, I haven't got any reply from her.

    Suppose the SA will check their email everyday?

    Really fretful, what can I do now? Still waiting?

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
  2. which store did you actually order from?, maybe someone on the forum can be liason for you..........
  3. It could be the case in which the SA is now on vacation. Most SAs do not check their work emails when they are off. If you have worked with the SA before, no worries.
  4. I order from Downtown Seattle.
  5. I ordered from the same shop many times already.

    But this SA is the new one (replaced) coz the SA I worked one already left. :s
  6. For this purchase, did you ever get a response from the SA? I mean before you gave out your bank info. I am asumming that you did because you said you confrimed the color and size of the bag (with the SA). If so, why don't you call the Seattle NM or Nordi and ask the SA. They will let you know if the SA is off and when you can reach her. Most SAs do not work all week long but just 2-5 days. From time to time, they are on an an extended vacation.
  7. Sometimes the best SA will get behind on their email.. u should give her a call!
  8. ^ Yup. Call her. I think there should be a time that the shop is open and you are not sleeping? My SA works in Chanel boutique in Houston. I usually call just before I sleep when the store just opens.
  9. Call her is the best way, did she confirm that the one you order is available in her store?
    If it's not yet in, perhaps that causes the delay. Usually that is the case when they don't respond right away because they have no sure answer yet or as they said, on vacation
  10. Who was the SA that left? I order there occasionally as well. I know Nordies has reduced their workforce throughout their stores lately.
  11. I wouldn't worry too much just yet, because the SAs at Nordstrom are so busy with the Anniversary pre-selling (the actual sale starts tomorrow) that she may just be behind in her correspondence. I am by no means making excuses for her, but if she is new, the anniversary sale, which is their biggest sale of the year, is really a big deal, and they start pre-selling several weeks in advance, so maybe that is the issue. She may just be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of sales that are hitting at one time.
    --Judy (already picked up all my anniversary sale goodies!!)
  12. Yeah~~~~~~ :yes:

    Finally already contact her, she said she has vacation and will ring my lovely goods today (last nite).

    Thanks for suggestion.

    u all are pretty nice :tender::tender::tender:
  13. I am glad to hear that it all worked out. :biggrin: