1. Ok guys in your opinon what is a good bag for a freshman i like big bags but not huge but i also like small so i am open to any suggestions I am going to the coach store saturday to see what i want
  2. I think the indigo patchwork Ergo hobo is cool! I also like the Hamptons watercolor bags and there are a few styles to choose from! Happy Shopping!! :yes:
  3. i have the small hapmton watercolor bag and i love it. Thanks for the suggestions
  4. Some college gals on here swear by the large carly.
  5. i do like the large carly and it would be a good bookbag and purse hmm i think i might have to buy more than one bag.
  6. I use my Hamptons Weekend Tote everyday through 3 1/2 years of college. It holds my books, laptop, and pretty much anything else I need with me. It's still in great shape!
  7. is it the large size?
  8. hmm what about a siggie stripe tote?
  9. Yup! It's from a couple years ago, but I believe it's the larger size. Style #5071
  10. i'd say a siggie stripe tote too or a large sig carly. less high-maintenance than other bags IMO
  11. i swear by the carly, but i am in college. i am not sure if your school has lockers, but if they do you might not have to carry as much around. plus if you are just a freshman you may not need as much. if you are an athlete youll probably be toting around the sport duffel (i had mine during soccer seasons)
  12. i really like the carly
  13. Funny how times have changed...I didn't even know what Coach was when I was a freshman in HS!

    I'm going to go with everyone else and say Carly (preferably the sig carly, just in case you have to shove it in a locker). I wouldn't shove a leather Carly into a locker because it may mess up the leather...
  14. thanks yeah def. the sig carly
  15. Woo go Sarah! The carly is a beautiful bag!