'Freshening up' the interior of a pre-loved bag

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  1. I know I'm becoming a bit of a serial thread opener, but I've searched the forum and all the results I can find seem to relate to cleaning specific stains (ink, etc) from the lining of a bag - or ridding it of a certain smell.

    I wanted to ask for any suggestions on basically just how to freshen up, for want of a better phrase, the interior of a pre-loved bag.

    What I really mean by that is... if there's no smell or stain to speak of, but you just would rather give it a good clean before putting your things inside, since it's a used bag... what's the best way of going about it? I'm talking about the soft fabric lining, not the leather lining, by the way.

    I keep reading about baby wipes. Is this the only option or can I safely clean the lining with something else?

  2. Good question. I would like to know as well.
  3. I've used an antibac wipe on the inside of my bags. Then a dryer sheet left inside overnight. You could also spray a little febreeze into the bag.
  4. ^ Thank you for the suggestions! :smile:
  5. I always stick with the Dyson Animal attachment to clean out any stray bits on the lining and then fresh air for 24 hours (UK weather permitting of course!)
  6. Vernis-lover, I was thinking of using a mini-vac on it! I'm just a little paranoid about putting my things inside used bags, even if they seem perfectly clean. I'd really prefer to clean it out myself. Will hope for a bit of sunshine so I can air it out! :lol:
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  7. I've used baby wipes to freshen up the inside of my pre-loved bags- I use the ones without fragrance or alcohol. They work the best if your bag just needs a freshening up. I've found that Febreze and dryer sheets don't really work that well since they don't get rid of smells - they just "add" to it. But I like scented cardboard drawer liners (which I cut to fit the bottom of bags) that I bought from TJ Maxx because they add a little scent to the bag but not overly powerful.
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  8. ^ Thank you for your reply. I'll keep an eye out for the scented cardboard liners, that's a really good idea!
  9. you can also use a cedar block...it works great...
  10. i have used a sprinkle of that arm and hammer baking soda based carpet cleaner/refresher (the non flower scented one), leave for a bit and then vacuum up, just like with a rug. i agree you don't want to overpower with another scent.
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  11. These are all great suggestions! Thanks OP for asking!
  12. So I am expecting a pre-loved bag today, and I will be opening it outside in the cold.. heh.. -25, shake it out.. and then I'll vacuum out the interior.. My thought is that it comes from another country, I have no idea how the bag is handled, or packed. So I will do that as a precaution, because I dont want anything weird escaping from the bag into my house.. haha... I will then consider how to clean/freshen it up for my use.
  13. thanks for the info on this thread.
  14. My Epi Speedy came from Japan via Ebay and the seller sent the bag with a bar of soap inside (still in the box). I guess that is how they remove the owners scent there. The soap was actually Palmolive with an Aloe/Neutral smell to it. So, I would suggest when you get it to first wipe it down and disinfect it (antibacterial wipe) then if you have a favorite bar of soap or scented votive candle you could wrap it up in tissue paper with a bunch of other shape keepers (blankets,towels) and they the bag will smell how you want it:smile: