Fresh Sugar Lipgloss - a bit disappointed

  1. Anyone else tried this? I ordered this during Sephora's F&F, and while I love the smell (smells like yummy lemons) and the color (I ordered Sugar Fairy, a nice sheer pink shade) it doesn't stay on at all! I find after about 10 - 15 minutes, I have to reapply again. I think a gloss that is $25 should stay on longer than that…I'm so disappointed, but I might have to return it...:crybaby:
  2. I just bought it too...and it's not cheap $22!!!

    It's more waxy...not so moisturizing....I'm just using it at night over vaseline on my's ok, not great....especially for the price!!!!
  3. ya i bought a few online during F&F and i'm underwhelmed... i returned them and i HATE returning cosmetics :sad:
  4. I have noticed that lipglosses pretty much have to be sticky to have any staying power on me. I don't like sticky glosses because I have long hair and it's windy where I live. ;) If I could find a non-sticky lipgloss that had staying power, that would be great. Doesn't sound like this is the one, though. :p
  5. *sigh* I was disappointed as well. I really expected to love it since I love all their products. The color is actually VERY PRETTY on me (sugar baby) but it doesn't stay on. It disappears after 5 min.:confused1:
  6. oh i wish that RMK distributes in the US... they have the BEST lipgloss. the color stays on LONG and it isnt sticky! i always buy like 5 or so at a time when I'm in asia.