fresh @ sephora

  1. so im thinking of getting this Fresh Morning Glow Set at sephora. only problem is, is that i dont know if it is good. has anyone tried it? how were the results?

    and have you tried any good alternatives?
  2. Anytime I need makeup/skincare reviews I go to Women post their reviews on just about EVERY product. I searched for yours.

    The soy cleanser got a 3.5 rating. There were 77 reivews
    The Rose face mask got a 3.6 rating. There were 61 reviews
    The Day serum got 3.8 rating. There were 10 reviews.

    If you go to the website you can read all the reviews yourself.

    If you want to look for skincare beside FRESH just put in the Category (face wash, face mask, etc..) and the ratings and reviews will pop up. I love this website it is so cool to see what hundreds of women said about a product.

    Good luck!