Fresh ps face liposuction before and after!


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Jun 25, 2020
Hey guys I’m here to talk about my experience with face liposuction. It’s been a month since i have my surgery done. I have always had some issues personally about my double chin, cheekbones, and core ball. If someone took photos of me, i was so stressful about my chubby face areas, which made my face bigger, so I decided to get rid of my fats from “Fresh” ps in Seoul. I never thought that even my cheekbones were filled with fats because usually, cheekbones are more like about mussels, but for me, it was more about fat. Anyways, it took me about two weeks until big facial swelling got better, and it took about a month until facial swelling went down. It was painful about the first week since I got surgery, but after then, the pain got better as the time went on. The uncomfortable part was that I couldn’t open my mouth completely during the first week of the surgery, so I couldn’t eat foods that required me to open my mouth entirely. Other then that, for me, there weren’t much inconvenient things after the surgery. Currently, it’s been a month and I would highly recommend face liposuction for those of you who are having a difficult time with your fats in face areas. I don’t get stressed out even if someone takes the photo of me, and the best part is that I don’t need to photoshop my face as much as I did before the surgery. More importantly, my friends are telling me I am like so different person right now and they call my v-line so perfect. I am so thankful for Hong doctor from Fresh ps for making me like this.




Jan 5, 2019
Can you post more before/afters? I went with Dr Hong at Fresh too and was very, very happy. I just need to go back as I have a little bit of residual that I’m sure Dr Hong can help with.


May 28, 2020
Too obvious photoshopped photo!
Everybody can notice that this after photo&review are all fake if you can see the background and her face (I have no knowledge of IT but I can even notice that this review and photos are fake.