Fresh Pond TJ Maxx

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  1. This is a "runway" store I was there today. They had a few medium chocolate signature bleeker duffles for around 170, a few pouches for 70,a few mini sig totes for around 130,about 4 leather soho black leather flaps I think they were 80ish.One outlet stripe flap for 70ish. They had no accessories, a table of Dooney bags and a table of MK.
  2. LOL! I thought you were going to say you got a pond something or other at TJ Maxx!
  3. Oh wow.. I wish I could find a bleecker chocolate sig for that price.. great deal! :tup:
  4. lol kimmie that's what i thought too!
  5. ^^ Me too!
  6. Me too!
  7. Sorry for the false alarm ! That is what it is called, it is in Cambridge mass near Alewife station. Not the one I usually go to but I was down that way today !
  8. haha, I knew which one you were talking about! ;)
  9. I totally thought you were talking about pond colored coach items as well! haha!
  10. OMG~!!! i'm so jealous!!!!!! winners (canadian version is TJMaxx) NEVER has anything THAT great! they don't have any coach.........=(

    i wish i lived in the states

  11. Me three :roflmfao: