Fresh polished Mirror Pochette! ^___^

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  1. I promise i was only going to S5A to check if they have any New Red Epi Cles in gold tone left, of course they've all been recalled (to where? 1866 sure don't have it) but i guess my sad face made the SA feel like cheer me up, so she offer:" I have some Mirrors in the storage, would u like to take a look?"

    I was like huh? I thought the wait list for Mirror are like mile long by now, but i guess pp all went to the new NM and forgot about the good ol S5A:P , of course the Speedy and Alma are wait list only, so the decision is papillon and pochette for me, i really love the papillon but the straps just wont stay on my narrow shoulder, so i went home w/the Gold Pochette. It's like a miracle to me!!:heart:

    OT, will u carry Mirror in summer? I mean metalics are fun during summer, but the way Mirror reflects the sun in TX must make near by people put the sunnies on!;)
  2. Congrats!:P
  3. Congrats! What a nice surprise!
  4. wait, what? so there are people that just walk in to the store and buy miroir stuff without being on the list??? is this only your store, because people just dont want pochettes, or can anyone just get a pochette, and cut in front of waitlist people?
  5. thank you! :shame: sry i can't post pix now b/c of finals, but i will post it ASAP! ps. should i get the silver one too? i go for gold b/c most of my evening jewls/outfits are in gold tone, and day jewls/outfits are in silver/white gold... Would u use the pochette as causal or for outings only??
    So far i haven't figure out what the pochette will go w/ in my closet, but i do know for fact that I NEED IT! :smile: Now my mind is on the silver speedy too.....grrr:sweatdrop:
  6. I know! i totally did not expect to be able to purchase it, i thought the SA just want to cheery me up by 'showing' it not selling it to me. But i did get the pochette just tonight as i walk in the store, if it's really my luck, i should've buy lottery ticket too!:love: :heart:
  7. In case anyone is trying to get mirror pochette, i got mine at S5A of San Antonio, TX. :smile:
  8. awww, great surprise! congrats on ur pochette. :smile:
  9. Congrats! :yahoo: I like both silver and gold, so I'd say get both!
  10. Thanks! think i am going to hit S5A first thing tomorrow, the funny thing is they are still taking waitlist...i thought the wait list closed long time ago?
  11. congratulations!!!
  12. congratulations
  13. Congrats! With so many people still on the wait list, get it and then decide later.
  14. :lol:
    Dido, just call SA about speedy, said the waitlist is not close yet, but the chance of getting it is slim(not VIP in LV, but can be VIP of E lux hehe), except she can hold Gold papillon and Silver pochette for me which i am going to pick up after this post.

    :nuts: I think my luck w/Mirros is Santa's gift to me! I had some good pix of gold pochette, was about to post, but the new memory card is not i lost everything :crybaby: . Need to retake tonight or tomorrow morning if the light blubs don't do Mirror the justice.

    :supacool: now i have all the new things taken care of, i will have to be on strict :banned: , but i am sure the new LV will last me through the 6 month ban til june b-day ^^
  15. congrats!