Fresh Plastic Surgery Korea

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  1. Hi, im new in this forum. Does anyone have past experience with fresh plastic surgery korea? Maybe you would like to share it in this thread. I came across their site on realself, and so far they have positive reviews. But still doing abit more research.
  2. Oh My... I had!!
    Which surgery do you want to have?
  3. Can Please Share? I wanna visit for a lipo consult.
  4. #4 Jul 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2016
    I had abdomen, flanks & love handle lipo.. About 3 months ago
    Dr. Hong from Fresh said he would harvest all fat and I think yes he did!!!!
    I like my curve on the waist... I also had thighs lipo!!
    Which part do you want to have lipo?
  5. I'm keen in all the procedures you did!! :biggrin: but not doing thigh tho.
    Can you share more on your experiences? How their post op care? Do you mind sharing your cost too? please pm me if you feel uncomfortable to discuss here.
  6. It was so painful. And I just followed the consultant direction and I think I recovered so fast.
    I had to wear the compression garment for 1 month. I didn't have to wear it while I was sleeping but I wore it on the day....
    I also lost some weight to have more effects. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
    They gave me 1 post-operative treatment, that was called heallight. But I also paid the extra cost for high-frequency treatment.
    Consultant said it might help on reducing the swelling and yes, she was right.
    After I had it, the swelling was gone a lot!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  7. How much was the extra cost?
  8. I know a girl who did belly at fresh and it is lumpy now especially under certain type of lighting.

    This thread is also very fishy. Opening poster made one 2 posts only about a small mostly unknown clinic. Then someone else with 14 posts most of which had no meaning to it for example just saying "wow I like this. Oh my this is good" Next we are told it is worth it to pay the extra cost for some unknown high frequency treatment which apparently works wonders which none of the big clinics use.

    Take what you read on forums with a pinch of salt guys.
  9. Hi pitpipi. thanks for your comment. Could you share more details about your friend's experience? Im not sure how my 'opening poster' should have been phrased but im a new member here who is sincerely looking for patient reviews about the clinic. I got interested in this 'unknown' clinic because like i said in the opening post, i saw some good b&a photos for their facial fat grafting on But i wasnt sure if these b&a reviews were sponsored/part of their marketing campaign. That was why i started this thread. I understand that one of the responses here sounds fishy but i hope real accounts would share real experiences. Ive also been reading many other threads here on big clinics such as regen, cinderella, banobagi..if you could recommend good fat grafting clinics, I would really appreciate it...
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  10. I apologise if I jumped the gun. I was meaning that many fishy people post a thread which they then answer themselves with another account like a certain agency mentioned many times here.

    About my friend she got fiberlorosis after her belly liposuction. She said it was fine for 2 months and then lumps started to show. The doctor at Fresh told her to wait more and she asked the staff if they will do revising for free if it is still not ok but they refused to answer her. Her doctor in her country said waiting longer won't make the lump disappear because it is fiberlorosis she got from the surgery not being done properly. She need to use some ultra sound treatment to help it go away but it is no guarantee will work
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  11. Oh dear!!! How is she now?.
  12. I saw the same posts!!! thank god i looked at this forum ... i wonder if anyone has gone to them before
  13. So have anyone gone here? I would like to know too. Esp for facial lipo
  14. So I did a bunch of research on fresh

    these two are the same person whos on youtube that posted in the realself...

    I also did research on Baidu on fresh plastic surgery ( chinese google kinda) i found a lot of advertisement for fresh....
  15. Hmm seems like it's heavily advertised. I saw the review of the asian girl too, but it was obviously sponsored.
    What are you thinking of getting done there?
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