Fresh out of the UPS Van (LIVE unboxing !!)

  1. I haven't seen it myself but I thought it be fun to do a Live unboxing.
  2. Im here!! Always fun to see an unboxing or reveal.
  3. Here goes.. :graucho:
  4. :smile:
  5. Will only continue unboxing when I get proper wifi.. for some reason the app or phone browser doesn't upload photos with mobile data.
  6. It's my first time buying from them.. shipping was rather quick but they don't respond to customer enquiries promptly and I resorted to calling up their hotline. The paper bag was actually lying at the bottom with the bag on top.. I guess they should provide better wrapping or protection.

    Any guesses as to what it may be? :graucho:
    PicsPlay_1398493263523.jpg PicsPlay_1398493352107.jpg
  7. Wow! A rare live reveal! So excited!
  8. I wanna see :smile:
  9. Here you go ladies.. A brighter addition to the family, the fushia Antigona. It is surprisingly darker in real life with a more pinkish purple tone. I was aiming for a black but since this gorgeous color came by.. might as well grab it. :P
  10. Awwwww yeaahhh, it looks great! :biggrin: Let's see you rock it sometime! Congrats on this lovely purchase :smile:
  11. It's such a pretty color for summer
  12. Thats a nice color.....congrats!
  13. Spring has arrives!!! Oh she is beautiful! Love the happy pink! Enjoy!
  14. hrhsunshine is right spring is definitely arrive with that stunning pink ant!!! congrats deary! love the bright color of it
  15. Beautiful colour for spring/summer!