fresh news : AZUR NAVIGLIO

  1. hi folks,

    i've the new S/S 07 men LV catalogue and there is a picture of the naviglio bag in damier azur (modeled)

    The shoulder strap is white with 2 marine blue stripe and the louis vuitton embossed logo is white.

    sorry no scanner at home :crybaby:

    It looks FABULOUS !

    too bad i've already have the ebene one

  2. wow sounds nice but wouldn't that get really dirrty
    the strap i mean by the way did u get some denim yet?? :sneaky:
  3. great, thanks for the info!
  4. nope not yet :sad:
    i'm waiting for the cle
  5. the leather trim is made of vachetta leather
  6. Oh, I'd love it!!
  7. someone spotted the actual bag in the Sydney V-Day party last weekend. from the description, it sounds VERY good.... i think i like the striped strap. its a shame i've got the ebene too :sad:
  8. well, we can have a summer twin if we want after all :p

  9. It sounds awesome, but I still need to see pictures!
  10. get it anyway I've seen the lookbook pic and it is GORGEOUS totally different look
  11. Sounds great, can't wait to see pics!!
  12. i think i would have prefered a strap without stripes, it will have been more classy, the blue stripes are very casual.

    Gosh, i now need a naviglio in azur with the panda keychain (the vachetta will match the trim).

    People will think i'm totaly crazy to buy 2 bags in differents colors.
  13. If that's crazy what does it make me!!!!

    The bags look so different it's not crazy you NEED that bag you owe it to yourself :p
  14. I was just wondering after seeing the regular version on the web; is it annoying the way it opens and closes? It's not a very expensive bag (for a shoulder bag), but it doesen't look very functional to me espeially not it the vachetta will go all the way around the bag (NEVER ever going through vachetta hell after getting too big keepall). It's very easy to stain vachetta at the bottom of bags and dirty vachetta is nasty. I really LOVE azur and would like something bigger to go with the pochette, but I have great doubts after seeing it online?

    How do you use it and for what?
  15. this sounds amazing! someone please get a picture