FreSH from report and reveal

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  1. DH surprised me with a trip to Paris for my birthday this year. He originally said we were going to New York (which I love) and then told me NOPE -- we are flying to Paris instead to shop for a bag since we had such a magical time last summer. I was so excited I couldn't sleep!! I was also nervous because I had read all the horror stories with the "new" queue system but we were both ready for an adventure!
  2. Arrived in Paris last Thursday afternoon. Checked into our apartment and decided to walk to FSH to assess the situation. DH made a quick stop in Tom Ford to find a jacket that he almost bought in Vegas last December was now "soldes" at 50% off...a great start to our shopping trip!
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  3. Next stop FSH...arrived at about 3pm and went straight to leather area. Line mgr told us there were no more appts for the day and to come back first thing tomorrow. I didn't know what to think. Off to early dinner and bed as we are both tired from a LONG travel day.
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  4. Next morning we arrive at 10 am and line up at the front door (thanks to tips from others in the Paris thread). There were probably 30-40 people ahead of us. Front door opened at 10:30 and we received an appt for 12:20. Line Manager took our name and passport number, which I did not see her do for some people so that was odd. Left to get some coffee and breakfast and do some shopping at Lanvin across the street.

    As DH is trying on shoes we get a text at 12:10 that our salesperson is almost ready for us and to return to the leather dept. We decide to hurry back across the street only to find our appt time has now been changed to 2:20. Honestly, the time kept switching and I gave up looking after awhile. The new system is definitely not perfect!
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  5. Finally we are escorted upstairs to meet our salesperson. She takes a piece of paper and we have a long discussion about what I am looking for. I tell her that my dream is a barenia birkin but that if this is not possible I think that a gold B is a close second. We talk sizes and hardware and she says that she has only seen 1 barenia in the past year but that she will definitely check. I also tell her I would like a Constance. She writes down all the color options we discuss and off she goes.

    Meanwhile we are taken to a private room, which is definitely new since last year. About 15 mins later, I see our SA return with a large box and several smaller boxes.

  6. She then tells me no barenia B but she does have my second choice of gold with palladium. I love it!! Then she shows me the Halzan in barenia. I am very tempted by this bag but something about it just doesn't feel right. She makes it clear that we can come back Monday and have a priority appt with her and she will see what else comes in.

    We leave Friday afternoon with my new B and a twilly our SA picked out and wrapped.

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  7. Had a great Saturday touring chateaux in the Loire Valley and return Sunday to see the finish of the Tour de France. It's a great weekend!!



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  8. Monday morning rolls around and DH leaves the appt early in hopes of getting an earlier appt. He gets there at 9:40 and is about 10th in line at front door. I arrive close to 10:30 and we queue up again for the appt system. As we are giving our details to the hostess, another SA comes over to her speaking in French. I don't speak the language but I do hear her say our last name and the name of our SA several times. The hostess then tells us that our SA has already given our names and she will see us as soon as she finishes up with her first customer.

    Again we are taken to the private area and we talk about Constance and natural leathers and I tell her I really want a smaller bag in a smooth leather. She suggests maybe a Kelly sellier in a smaller size if a Constance is not available.
  9. Off she goes again and returns 20 mins later with a box that looks Constance sized so I am excited. Right away she tells me they have no Constance at all. She has a Kelly 25 in orange or "a bag like a Constance" in "something like barenia." I have no idea what it could be until she slowly reveals the straps.
  10. It is a Roulis in Vache Natural and I am instantly in love️ I forget all about the Kelly and the Constance and am swooning over the perfect bare leather in front of me!!! It is definitely love at first sight. She says that this leather is very rare and that they only have one. Who knows if this is true but I can barely be separated from my new love long enough to pay :smile:


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  11. Of course along the way I see a couple other goodies that catch my eye. A new Impulse bracelet in Colvert gator and a CGSM Manufactures de Boucle in a color way I love. A quick family pic of the new goods...

  12. IMG_1469549509.892218.jpg

    All in all, a wonderful time in Paris. Our amazing SA made our trip amazing. I ended up with a great B and a bag I never knew I would love so much.
  13. Oooops...My amazing DH just reminded me that I forgot to include a picture of his new Derbys. He loves them and has another pair in bronze already...sorry honey did not mean to leave you out of the fun!!

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  14. Such a successful shopping trip
    Bags and dh are out of the world
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  15. Congratulations on your beautiful classics!
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