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    How do I close my account and delete all my content?

    Generally, we do not offer this functionality to our forum users. If you wish to abandon your account, you may set your alert preferences and messaging preferences to not be contacted again and log out of your account.

    Following the recent GDPR requirement, EU citizens may have their private data deleted from our servers. Please use our contact form to submit your request.

    Purging all of your content is also not supported at this point. If you wish to have a thread removed due to privacy concerns, you may report it to a moderator (using the REPORT link under your post) and we will review your request.
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    How do I change my username?

    You may submit a request for user name change using the form on the following page:

    Please follow the instructions on the request form and do not private message me or any of our moderators with your request.
  4. Is there a PurseForum (TPF) app for my phone or tablet?

    TPF offers apps for both iOS and Android devices. You can find the respective apps in the iTunes App Store (for iPhones and iPads) and the Google Play Store (for Android devices).

    Please note that the apps are provided and managed by a third party service and features and compatibility are limited. For a consistent TPF experience, I encourage you to navigate your mobile browser to the optimized PurseForum mobile site.
  5. How do I get a bag or accessory authenticated?

    Our knowledgeable members are happy to help you with your authentication (AT) request. Please review the AT master thread carefully and direct your request to the appropriate section.
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