Frequently Asked Questions::

  1. Many girls flock to the forum to ask the same questions, how to get out a stain, how to find coach archives, shipping boutique questions, etc. So why not make a thread that has a comprehensive selection of past threads and then ask to get it stickied to help everyone out? So girls, if have the time to contribute, please state the topic of your nature, and then the following threads, excerpts, etc!
  2. fabulous idea, aarti! let's get rid of all those duplicate threads!
  3. cleaning coach, suede,& lining would be a great sticky !

    how to wear scarves & pontail scarf .
  4. Great idea aarti, this would be a great sticky!
  5. i'll go through tonight and make a list and find the threads.
  6. ^^Yes same. Group huddle!
  7. haha. let's hear it for teamwork! lol.
  8. I feel like I have a homework assignment (that I really enjoy)!

    Here's a biggie - stains/leather care:

    And because this post should live in infamy:

    I hope I'm doing this right . . .
  9. ah, screw it. i'll let you all do it. hehe, save me some time.