Frequent flier miles + credit cards

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  1. Does anybody know of a good one with no fee? I use NW airlines mostly, but their card is $90!

  2. We use a Citibank M/C for American Airlines, I think the fee is $50/yr.
    I'll be interested to see if you can find one, I don't think I've seen one.
    Maybe you can sweet talk them into waiving the first year though, you should try.
  3. Me too. Just got it and now I could kcik myself for not getting one years ago! Probably one of the few ways hubby and I would actually go on a real vacation and not just a working trip.
  4. I read recently on some financial site or magazine that unless you spend about $10k+ a year on a card, the frequent mile cards aren't usually worth it. You're better off getting a card that gives you a percentage back.
  5. I have Royal Bank of Scotland for Master and Visacard and they don't charge you anything If you make a certain amount of purchases with it. But I don't know how that is.
  6. That's what we have. Through Costco, you can get FREE (no annual fee either) a Platinum AMX. It will have your Costco membership stuff on one side, and it is still a credit card. Saves room in your wallet only having to carry one card. :lol:

    For the regular membership, you would get 2% back, for the exucutive you get 4% back. Plus, they send you a bunch of really good coupons! Anywhere you use it, it accrues $.
  7. I have the Citi Premiere Pass Elite Level card. It gives you points for miles you fly and things you buy. Its $75 per year, but its worth it IMO. They give you 15,000 points initially and then also points for miles you fly and miles that other people fly on your card. I went to Europe with mine and already have a free trip plus a bunch of other stuff lined up. The card also has some cool benefits on it, which I haven't really looked into yet. Their dispute team is awesome as well. In addition to the points they give you for flying, you can also collect on any other ff miles program too, so its like getting double rewards. The miles are also good with almost any airlines, so thats a plus :biggrin:
  8. I know we pay a fee for our American Express, but we charge just about everything on it, even groceries etc. and when he can, hubby puts business expenses as well. We don't carry a balance on it but the points sure add up and we've had several tickets from the points, we usually fly Continental.
  9. I just paid a 11k bill Citibank bill so we fall into that category easily. We put EVERYTHING on it and pay it off in full each month. We put between 3k-12k/month on ours so we rack up some righteous miles quickly. Also DH travels about 2 days/ week w/ his job so we accrue miles that way as well.
    We get fabulous service from them.