Frenchie owners please HELP!!!

  1. I hope someone here has experience with frenchies and can help me.
    My frenchie is 2 years old. For the last 2-3 months i have noticed a behavioral change with him. not towards me, but towards everyone else. He seems to be very sensitive to his personal space. Has snarled at my children. We have set rules and boundaries and they seem to be working. I really love him but when my children are a concern, then thats were i draw the line:crybaby: .
    Yesterday i noticed dry blood from his behind:wtf: . He was bathed and already there is more dried blood:s . What in the world could this be:sad: ? There is no change in his appetite. His activity is as usual. But now i am worried:sad: . Of course it is saturday and i will be hit with emergency vet fees if i go now:Push: . I was wondering what your thoughts were. Could this be worms? or a slow GI bleed? He has no fever. His heart rate is fine. No respiratory distress.Has not lost any significant weight. Oh, dear....what to do:confused1: ? Please advice me...but ultimately i think i need to go the the vet er.
  2. I don't own a frenchie, but usually when animals start biting everyone and acting mean, they are in pain. And having blood come out is definitely abnormal. He really needs to go to the vet and get it checked out asap. Good luck!
  3. ^ I agree-Get him to the vet ASAP
  4. Oh, I hope he's alright!! Keep us posted.
  5. It may be that he has impacted anal glands. This happens with smaller dogs. They become painful and the dog will start licking the area or scooting on the floor. The dogs also become cranky because there is discomfort. It is easy to correct, the Vet's office can express the glands and get them to drain. My dog has this problem and we've seriously considered having her glands removed surgically because they've given her so much trouble.
  6. i took Ramsey to the vet and he has Hemorragic Gastro Enteritis:sad: . He was running a low temp too:crybaby: . They gave him iv fluids, antibiotics and over the counter pepsid ac:crybaby: . Yes you read correctly....Pepcid AC.:shrugs: . I feel soooo horrible:crybaby: . He is not allowed to eat til tommorrow and i have to make him rice with boiled chicken for the next several days:sweatdrop: .
    Apparently this is going around too. Please be careful with your pets. If there is no improvement...Ramsey may need to be hospitalized:sad: . Please keep your fingers crossed. I want him to get well.
    Thank you for all of your concern.
  7. so i thought we were doing better but now:crybaby: :crybaby: . Another visit and only to possibly return again... :sad: :sad: maybe its time to let him go but he is only 2:crybaby: .
  8. I hope he gets much better, doulosforhim!
  9. thank you for your kind words.
  10. i thought it was that at first but he does not drag his tail on the floor and does not lick the area. this is so frustrating to have to keep taking him back to the vet. of course do to his beahvioral change, i canot leave him near the children for fear that he will snarl at them again or further more even bite them.
  11. i will contact the french bull dog association for more information. maybe they can suggest resources to me. i love my ramsey soooo much and want him to get well soon. i hope his behavioral change is because he is not feeling well. if anyone knows of any resources please contact me. i do not know what else to do. i will keep everyone posted.
  12. Maybe go to another vet to get a second opinion?^^^^