French Wallet Question

  1. Hi!! For all of you who own a French wallet, mono, vernis, damier.. doesn't matter. Do you find it difficult to pull your bills in and out of the deep compartment? I read somewhere on here that it was designed for the Franc which is slightly shorter than the US dollar.

    I am looking to buy a new damier wallet (to match my damier speedy!!! :rolleyes: ) and have always wanted a French purse. I currently use a Mono Snapped Billfold and Coin purse and I love it! I just don't want another one in damier. Since I also own a Mono speedy, I thought it would be a little repetitive to get another Snapped Billfold.

    So I would like all of your opinions please! ;)

    Damier French Purse or Damier Zip Compact Wallet?

    I'd appreciate any and all your feedback :smile:
  2. I have one and have had no problems getting money in and out. Its a great wallet - perfect size!
  3. Fits my Canadian bills no problem, which are larger than US ones! :yes:
  4. I have a mono french wallet :love: I have no problems getting bills in and out. It's the perfect wallet for me.
  5. I have one and find it easy to put bills in once you get used to it.
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