French Wallet problem

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  1. My new raisin legacy french wallet that's pictured in my avatar has a weird problem that bugs the heck out of me! :Push:The kisslock closure for the coins pops open when I only have 10 coins in there. I put my credit cards where they go in the pockets inside the wallet and a few bills so it wasn't really fat (loaded up) or anything. Also that back pocket is so tight that I can't get cards in and out of it because my finger can't get the cards out, the leather isn't flexible so I can't even use that pocket. kwim? I'm going to return it and then be on the hunt for a raisin wristlet instead to use for a matching "wallet".

    Does anyone else have any qualms about the french wallet?
  2. The leather ones are tight and eventually soften and stretch a little. I also have a zebra and two-toned metallic which are a lot softer and more flexible. The hamptons french is a little easier.
  3. I have a Hamptons french wallet that had the same problem. It eventually stretched over time, but now its too loose. If I open it at the wrong angle, everything falls out of the bill compartment. I;ve stopped using it because on more than one occasion, all of my stuff has fallen out at the checkout register.
  4. Maybe bring it back to have Coach look at, mine never opens and I stuff too many coins in sometimes. It is so pretty in the raisin with your Leigh! But a wristlet or mini skini work great too. Btw your'e right about that back slot on the wallet, I can't use it at all.
  5. I've never had a Legacy French purse, but I did have a Bleeker Signature Mini Wallet (which is now for sale on eBay!), and I had the toughest time getting cards in and out of the slots. I also had a Bleeker Signature Checkbook Wallet (also for sale on eBay!), and the card slots in that were much easier to manage. As for the kisslock, I just used my new Bleeker Canvas Framed Wristlet for the first time yesterday, didn't have much stuff in it (just my cell phone, compact, lipstick, and lip pencil, and both of the kisslocks kept popping open! I'm kinda bummed because it is larger than the other wristlets, but I guess I won't be able to keep that much stuff in it.
  6. I sold my clay one because it was not as functional as I needed. I am now using a legacy wristlet for my receipts and credit cards and the front pocket on my legacy shoulder bag for change.
  7. You're right about the back slot. It's tight on all of my Legacy French Purses, so I don't even try to use that pocket.

    I remember when the kiss-lock on one of my Legacy FPs did not close tightly, and I gently moved the balls together. I compared their angle to another kiss-lock closure that was closing tightly and was able to adjust it. I would caution you to just use your fingers, no tools. It's metal, but it can be adjusted slightly.
  8. I have the legacy french framed wallet in black/khaki signature and clay leather. I have the same problem with pocket on the outside back being really tight on both. I don't keep a lot of coins in the kisslock portion because it tends to bulge, but I don't recall that it pops open.
  9. Well I returned my raisin french wallet today and got a refund. I wasn't interested in an exchange. That wallet just doesn't do what a wallet should do IMO. After reading about some of it's problems here (like bills falling out :wtf:) I'm very glad it's back at the outlet and not with me. Thanks for all your comments.
  10. I use the back pocket to carry my ID and debitcard. I just slide them so only half of the cards are actually in the pocket, and easy access. I've never had a problem with the kisslock though.
  11. Thats good information to know... thanks!!
  12. I can tell you from just the general history of kiss lock closures is that they often fail over time and won't stay closed, and then it's hard to deal with. This is one reason I avoid them with bags in general... I've seen some at TJ Maxx that already have this problem new. But for the wallets, I would just exchange that one at your outlet if you can, but you may need to reconsider this style if you do pile yours full such that it bulges at a lot. Probably any frame style will fail eventually for sure when it's stuffed full. I have a few of the Legacy wallets and have not noticed this problem...but I tend not to carry a lot of change because it makes the whole bag heavier.
  13. I have a pink/orange french wallet, and I don't use the coin compartment at all. The credit card slots have loosened up, but not too much. Overall, it is a wallet designed more for beauty than function, IMO. I love it, but it isn't the most useful wallet!

    I am now using a Heritage Stripe zip-around, which is overall the most perfect wallet I've ever owned. LOVE IT! It fits everything and more with no trouble at all, and it opens accordian-style so nothing ever spills. Perfect!
  14. No experience with the kisslock, but my Hampton's French wallet is holding up just fine for me so far, and I have quite a few coins stuffed into the coin compartment. Haven't experienced any problems with anything falling out of it either. The coin compartment is a snap closure though, not a kisslock. I was originally worried about the snap closure at first - I generally carry a lot of coins with me and I prefer a zipper, but it's held nice and tight for me.
  15. Thanks for that recommendation about the Heritage Stripe zip-around wallet, I'll look into getting one of those someday.