French Wallet, damier, mono or vernis??? Help! plz

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  1. hi, I'm thinking to purchase a LV french wallet. I'm having difficulty in selecting among from damier canvas, monogram canvas and red/pink vernis.

    Which one do you prefer as my first piece from LV???
    I'm afraid of that damier canvas is a little bit mankind since many guys using damier wallet, monogam is too common, ppl might doubt if it's fake and vernis will change color slightly when it's getting old. :confused1::confused1:

  2. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  3. I say monogram, the monogram French purse is classic and classy looking, who cares if people think it's fake, they're not knowledgeable about LV if they think it's fake.

    And yes, vernis is prone to colour changes, but darker colours (such as pomme d'amour, amarante and framboise) are less likely to change colours than lighter colours (such as perle, noisette, and beige)
  4. personally i :heart: vernis wallet because i am a girly girl.. but it may require more care than the others..

    another choice i really like is damier azur ~
  5. Mono is my fav
  6. i say vernis cause i love vernis wallets, u can choose a draker colour like amarante or pomme =)
  7. Lol - since you've talked yourself out of all these, howabout a Hermes purse? :roflmfao:

    Otherwise, I'd go a Damier Koala. Yup, not a French Purse, but it's not the fakey monogram, won't change colour as it ages, and is so stunning with it's golden clasp and hot red innards that nobody could mistake it for a manpurse! :graucho:
  8. I would not worry about people thinking your MC wallet is fake.

    I stopped carrying my MC canvas Speedy 30 for a while because of the same thing. Then , I thought - who cares what others think? I KNOW it's real and so does my cc statement.

    So , my vote is MC canvas! :smile:
  9. I'll love to get a vernis framboise or pomme purse. But it'll just be difficult to choose between the two colors for me :hysteric:
  10. I couldn't have said it better myself. :tup::smile:

    Monogram or Damier for me, both very classy and timeless. :okay:
  11. I :heart: my Amerante Vernis French Purse
  12. damier -- i have it and loves it!!
  13. My first LV wallet was the Mono FP - timeless and very classy!
  14. i have the MC french in white and use it as my everyday.
  15. I've used and loved my Monogram Canvas French Purse everyday for over 2 years now. If you choose it you will never regret it.