French Wallet confusion

  1. Hi ~

    I've recently purchased a Damier Azur french wallet on eBay and it has 8 credit card slots.. I noticed on the LV website it indicates only 4 slots for credit cards, but then on, it says 8 credit card slots.

    I'm confused why there is a variance in how many credit card lots the french wallets have... does anyone know?? :confused1:

  2. i just noticed the same thing today; the LV website says the vernis french wallet has 4 card slots and i counted at least 8.
  3. The new version of the French Purse comes with 8 credit card slots.
  4. :yes: The change occurred about a year ago
  5. My french purse also has 8 slots. Just got it and it is just great!
  6. The older ones are 4. The newer ones are 8.

    My friend has 2 french wallets- one which she bought about 5 years ago and another just last year.

    She just showed me both before selling the old one away. Even the lining is of a different material. BUt both are from the store so they must be authentic!