French wallet and manicure

  1. I'm planning to get a Viennois matching with my speedy azur but...i wonder if the snapped compartment is hard to open! i would be afraid to broke my new nails:p LOL!
  2. need to worry at all.:p
  3. LOL!

    i remember when i try it at store, it was kind oh hard..maybe because it was unused?
  4. :yes: ya...I tried once in the store...but its hard to open:sweatdrop:
  5. Yup, hard to open when it's brand new...
  6. It's hard when it's brand new....but no problem after using it for a while!
  7. It's hard to open whether you have a manicure or not. My friend has had hers for a few years and it's still hard for her to open.
  8. I think it's okay....:shrugs:
  9. When i had short acrylics, I was still able to open it without any damage or huge struggle. HTH =)
  10. Thank you girls!

    i love this style but i would be so paranoid, i know:shame:
  11. ?what?
    are you serious?
  12. hahahaha!!! :tender: love the title of ur topic lol!!:tender:
    mines not that hard to open. if your not that anal with your LV's i suggest putting a dab of W40 on the hardware!
  13. lol I came in here like??? I think once you you use it a few time it will be fine!
  14. I have one and I have long nail too but it never break my its okay!!