French Vogue article

  1. Just wanted to let you all know that there is an article about Hermes in August's Paris Vogue. There's also a kind of family tree for different Houses and they show the main Hermes's neat! I can't really read all of it but I like to look at the pictures.:lol:
  2. Hee Hee...looks fun.
    Wish I can speak/read French.
  3. If you can post a scan, I can translate it for all of us :flowers:
  4. yay! Please post and Perja can help ... thanks!

    This month's Lufthansa magazine also had an article on Hermès! It was a nice read on the plane.
  5. that sounds like a heavenly surprise to find on a flight, la van.
    perja, we HAVE to get you a copy of this article!!! crochetbella, are their loads of pics, or just text?
  6. This would be great if we can get it up and readable... :smile:
  7. I can never find this magazine anymore. I would love it if someone could scan it in so I can look too. Are there lots of pictures??
  8. There's only one picture with the article. But there are a few pictures on the family tree page but they are tiny. I will try to take some pictures tonight! :flowers:

    I found the magazine at Borders. It was $15.95 but worth it. :lol:
  9. :biggrin: Excitied to see it!
  10. Sorry I haven't had a chance to take pics yet but I will tomorrow! :yes:
  11. Crochet, you beat me to it! I bought French Vogue yesterday (I always buy it!) and I was going to post about this article...I don't know how to scan or do such complicated things, but I could photocopy it and send it to Perja by post so she can translate it (I'm not that good at translating..) Let me know girls!:yes:
  12. Go right ahead! If you need anything (email/mailing addy), PM me! I'll do it ASAP (unless I can find the Vogue you're talking about). Is it really August or the September issue on sale now?
  13. Perja, it's the August issue....let me know if you find it, otherwise I'll send it to you by post...unless Crochet can scan it..!:yes:
  14. Right-o. I'll have a look at lunchtime if I go out. :flowers:
  15. Is There A Thread For Posting Magazine Articles? I'm Always Interested :0)