French Vintage croc Kelly on ebay


    If this is authentic, it is an exceptional vintage piece. The Hermes stamp looks very old and says "Hermes Paris, 24 Fg Saint Honoré". It is the first time I see an Hemres Stamp giving the adress of the shop. It is either very old or fake.

    I 've Already seen "Hermes Paris" and "Hermes Paris Made in France", but never this version.

    What do you reckon?
  2. Ohhh. It's really beautiful. I so love the vintage pieces....and have many (non-Hermes) bags that are so lovely. They are like eye-candy for me and this one, if it's authentic and I can't tell, is just stunning!
  3. It is a beautiful Kelly. I've seen bags on Ebay that have that stamp and I believe it is not fake, but I wouldn't know the age. The condition is not that great, but could look smashing if you want the old "vintage" look. The price is great and I love the color! I have a vintage croc 32 Kelly that was $9000 three years ago and it says "Hermes Paris"...the condition is good although it did have some scratches and stiching was undone inside the bag at the pocket seam. I sent it to Hermes for reconditioning and it looks superb!! Ask if the bag was ever reconditioned and it might be a good idea to do it anyway if you, in fact, purchase it.
  4. My vintage croc Pullman says:" Hermès, 24, Faubourg St.Honorè" I don't even think it says Paris, but I'm not sure; I can't check it out now because I left it with Hermès to be refurbished. My bag is from 1959, I think that was the first marking they did, then came Hermès-Paris, and in the 70' Hermès - Paris Made in France...:flowers:
  5. Thanks Duna for the info...very interesting.
    I love your vintage Pullman!
  6. Gorgeous!